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Gorgeous Hand Reared And Cuddly Baby Galah Cockatoos For Sale. I have 1 DNA Sex male and 1 DNA Sex Female which are both Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old and now at 12 weeks they are fully tame and ready for customers to choose from, as they are great with every one and will go to any one in the family including little kids. Both babies are Bred to meet the highest Quality and standard and are Lovley, big and strong and are the pure definiton of their breed, hence the quailty of their feathers are very fine and very bright pink. Both babies are very cuddly as you can just about do anything with them, they like to hang up side down on your hand and will also climb on your shoulder, and play with your hair all day long. They love showing off by spreading there wings out, and erecting their creast on the heads and dancing to Music. They will pay attention to anything that you shown an interest to and love to take a full part. They will also give you kisses and will allow you to place your fingers in their beaks, without biting you as they are very tolerant, soft and are socialized well since young chicks. Both Babies are trying to talk and they make many whistling sounds. Both babies are very cheeky and also love taking food from you and love running away with a piece of your toast and want every thing you eat. Every morning both babies enjoy coming out side in the garden, and they spend most of their day playing with their toys. All Photos are taken in my Garden with a High Performance, High Definition Camera. I would much appreciate if other Advertisers Please don't Copy my Photos. Both of my pink cuddly monsters are very socialised and have never attacked or bitten any one which makes them a great pet and are very ideal for the customers to choose from. Both babies are that friendly they absolutely crave to stay with you all day and will also fall asleep on your shoulder. You can buy anyone for £950. Both babies are properly close rung with a metal Parrot Socity ID ring and are registerd along with a complete Hatch, DNA Sex Certificate, and also come with Bucktons Number 1 Parrot Food. Both Babies are fed on fresh fruit, nutritious parrot food and veggies. Buyers are welcome to visit the Birds at any time at our very own Bird Specialist Store, at Exotic Feathers, and will also get a full after care once the birds are purchased. So if you think you can offer a loving home for anyone of my babies please feel free to contact me Thanks

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galah cockatoo
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
3 months