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Here we have two Gorgeous, Baby Military Macaws For Sale. They are Hand Reared from as young as 16 days old and have been brought up in a busy, yet beautiful house hold environment and they are use to various people, young children and our 3 Gordon Setter Dogs. These two cuddly babies are currently 4 and 6 months old, and are fully weaned and ready to go to a new loving home. Both of My Babies are DNA Sexed Girls and Come with Yellow Cites Endanger paper works as this breed is critically endangerd in the wild. Every morning Both of Cuddly girls Love coming out of the cages and will climb the dogs back and love the interaction of everyone in the family. The Military Macaw is one of the Largest species of Macaws and are very strong yet very cuddly, and come from healthy parents which have bred first time. These Babies are fully capable of eating seeds and loves their walnuts and apples. They will Happily take treats from you and love getting their backs stroked and their necks tickled, they are full of energy. They are very clingy and make every attempt to break out the cage to hug you and have already mastered how to open cages and with that, one of the babies will also let the other baby Military out too. In temperament the baby Military Macaws are very similar to Blue and Golds, but the main difference is in the colour, but I find the Military Macaws to be more chatty and Curious. We understand choosing your perfect baby could be a hard choice, If your looking for a place to get a professional insightment and ask many questions for your satisfaction, we strongly recommend you visit us. Both of my Cuddly Military Macaws are still babies and are that friendly They absolutely crave to stay with you all day and will also fall asleep on your shoulders, You can Buy any one for £1500. You will get a full Chance to handle them, and will get talked though the differences between the Birds as well as getting a professional advice and answers to all your questions. Both Birds comes with a Parrot Society Registered Metal ID Ring, Hatch Certificate, Yellow Cites Endangered Paper work and also DNA Sex Certificates and some food. We have a Birds specialist Store, and are open every day 10:30 till 5. All Babies are fed on fresh fruit, nutritious parrot food and veggies. Buyers are welcome to visit the Birds at any time, so please feel free to contact me Thanks

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Military Macaw Parrot Macaws
CITES Article 10
Yes - Specimen Specific Certificate
CITES Article 10 Certificate Number
287538 Read more about: 287538
Current Age
4 months