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I am looking for a new 10**** home for my babies.
Blue - 10 year old white Connemara gelding, 14hh. Blue is the most gentle baby polar bear ever, he is amazing with everything and always takes everything in his stride. This is a completely honest advert, blue has an old leg injury, both a vet and farrier have checked him over and assure me he is in no pain what so ever, he has never needed medication or any special treatment for his leg, he is sound in walk but has a clear limp when he trots (although that doesn’t stop him cantering round the field!) it’s thought he had the injury when he was a baby and didn’t receive the correct treatment at the time so it has healed incorrectly. This honestly doesn’t bother him and he loves going for walks and I take him miles, and I mean miles with no problem what so ever. He would be an amazing children’s lead rein pony if you wanted to walk out and explore the countryside or a perfect pet (he thinks he’s a big dog anyway!). He loves anything that involves attention, cuddles and treats!
Bliss - 13,2, 6 Year old spotted mare. Bliss is the smartest pony I have ever met, she has been professionally back although I will be honest and say I have only ever hacked her out as I don’t have a ring and I haven’t done this since summer. Although it would be easy to bring her back into work, she’s the kind of pony you could not ride for months and then plop a child on her bare back and she would behave perfectly. (I frequently do this when my nieces visit) I have though found what she truly loves.... clicker training! She adores one on one time with people, she literally is everyone’s best friend. She’s patient and has an amazing temperament. My nieces brush all parts if her and she never bats an eyelid. Nothing phases her.
They trueley are best friends, they sleep curled up next to each other, play together and you never see one without the other and for that reason I will not consider seperating them.
My ideal home for them would be as lead rein ponies with each other, where they can be cuddled, pampered and then go out on hacks together.
They both mean the world to me, they are the smartest most beautiful ponies I have ever met but due to a promotion at work they just aren’t getting the time they deserve, they love going on walks and spending time with people and at the moment they are only getting their walks out once a week so I feel they are missing out.
I’m in no rush to sell them so only the absolute perfect 10* home will be considered. Any home will be vetted.
Price negotiable to the right home. They will come with everything, rugs, headcollars, feed bin etc.
Please message me for more pictures or information.

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