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This litter was fully reserved by the age of 4 weeks but due to an unforeseen circumstance, the Best Boy from this litter is now available at a fraction of the original cost after being returned to us!

He was the first to be reserved and left us at 8 weeks old and went to his family.

Unfortunately after a couple of weeks of perseverance and some assistance from us, the family have decided that they are not cut out to have a puppy and he is back with us and his Mother & Father!

This is a somewhat unusual occurrence and after considering keeping him ourselves (unfortunately my wife thinks 4 dogs is enough), we are now looking for a new home for him!

This presents a unique opportunity for someone to snap him up at a fraction of the original price of £1250. We are asking £750 for him.

He was born very dark as you will see in his puppy picture. This is an indication as to how he will look as an adult dog. He has now started to lighten up and his markings are becoming more distinctive each day. He will look very much like his Dad as an adult.

He will come with both vaccinations completed, microchipped etc as well as the other aspects of the package (please read below) - Please see the original advert below. All of the pictures are of him (other than the ones of Mum & Dad).

Outstanding A1 Quality Siberian Husky Puppies

10 Champions in the 5 Generation Pedigree!

Born 12th December and first advertised December 19th following a healthy first week of weight gain.

Ready to leave on 6th February.

Blizzard Huskies are very proud to announce an exceptional litter of 7 extremely healthy and chunky Siberian Husky Cubs - vet certified at 1 day old and confirmed as a fit and healthy litter of outstanding Siberian Husky Puppies. They were examined by our trusted family vet at 12 hours old for Cleft Palate, Hearing and Body Conformation and commended by the vet regarding the quality of the puppies.

Mother was examined and had an ultrasound scan, X-Ray and shot of Oxytocin and was confirmed as fit and healthy following the birth and has gone from strength to strength since giving birth.

The litter consists of 4 Girls & 3 Boys.

Parents and Pairing;

Mother of the litter is Alice - Our 48 month old Silver & White Type Siberian Husky. Alice is very wolf like in appearence and has ice blue perfect eyes (one with a brown flec in which is called a "parti eye" and is quite unusual) and a beautiful white mask with Agouti eye rings. Mothering her second litter, Alice is a fantastic Mother second time around and has been extremely caring of the puppies. Cleaning, feeding and nurturing them at every opportunity. Alice is a soft and loving female with a beautiful temperament - the main reason we chose to breed her.

Our bitches hail from an outstanding Kennel Club Registered pedigree which includes 10 Listed national and international Champions, dogs that have competed in the Danish Olympic Team and Competed / Won Best In Breed at Crufts. The dogs within their pedigree and the respective kennels they are bred from are the best in the country - this stands the puppies in fantastic stead for the longevity of their lives.

Dad of the Litter is our Beautiful Agouti Boy Nero who is a 3 year old Full Pedigree Husky who is very athletic and certifiably ‘fit for purpose’. His outstanding coat markings and beautiful facial mask and eye rings are already pronounced in the puppies appearance. Nero also has perfect ice blue eyes.

This litter is the result of a very thoughtout matching process in order to achieve a specific Agouti offspring and we aren't disappointed. The puppies are already looking superb and anyone looking for an outstanding Husky to stand out from the crowd will be over the moon with one of these little crackers!

The Litter;

There is a great variety of masks across the litter. Some have an open mask whilst others have a stunning closed mask with eye rings like their Father. Many of the Puppies have the very desirable eye rings and dark facial masks and it is already clear that this litter has produced some fantastic show stopping puppies that will develop into excellent examples of the breed.

There is a mix of light coat and dark coat with some very unusual markings. All are steadily increasing in weight on a daily basis and it’s a joy to see their personal characteristics developing each day.

Reserving Your Puppy;

We welcome first visits as soon as the puppies eyes are open. This is generally for you to come and ask questions, for us to ask questions of you and for you and your family to meet the litter, Mother and Father. Tea & Biscuits will be readily available as observing puppies and deliberating about which one may be coming home with you in a few weeks can be jolly thirsty work!
If applicable, at this stage we will accept a deposit and book in a second and third visit.

We operate on a picking list which means the first people to inquire and pay a deposit following a successful first meeting obtain 'pick of the litter' and this follows on down the list - essentially, the people that get to us the quickest get to pick their puppy from a larger 'unreserved' group. However, fear not - all of the puppies are absolutely beautiful.

From this point forward, you will be welcome to come back and visit at weekends for tea and biscuits whilst consulting on any questions or advise you require. Generally we offer a further two visits before picking up your puppy at 8 - 10 weeks of age.

This gives you plenty of time and opportunity to make plans, discuss products, food, garden security & containment etc

Blizzard Reunions;

It is crucially important to us to stay in contact with you and hear how your Blizzard Puppy is developing. Every year we hold a reunion where all of the litter, Mother & Father get together for a family fun day.
Every year for Life we invite you to join us with a Free Pass for your family to the annual Blizzard Reunion day. A Family Fun Day where we provide the Venue, BBQ (Burgers & Sausages with salad and relishes) and soft drinks (squash, lemonade, orange juice). This is always held in the summer to maximize the chance of good weather! Held at a professional dog training facility within a secure paddock, the reunion offers the opportunity for us all to catch up and compare experiences, take pictures and see the dogs back with their parents!

Blizzard Puppy Pack;

We provide a comprehensive package which gives you everything you require. Obviously at 6 months of age+ you will need to get a bigger bed, an adult collar and lead and bigger food stand - this package just gives you all of the essentials.

Each Puppy Will come with;

Full Health Check at 2 days old by our trusted family Vet

First Vaccinations completed at 8 weeks of age to vitally
protect against Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Para influenza, Leptospira Canicola and Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae - You will receive the Vac’s book stamped by our family vet which gives your vet all of the required information for the second vaccinations.

Full Vet Health Check including body conformation & eye exam at point of first vaccination at 8 weeks old

Wormed every fortnight from birth up to 8 weeks using
Vet Quality Products

Microchipped (In accordance with the Law) with your full name and address

Comprehensive Printed Blizzard Branded Personalised Puppy Pack including Breed, Dietary, Socialisation and Health Information, Do’s & Don’t’s, Contract of Sale etc (we can also send you a digital copy).

Printed copy of the Kennel Club Certificate from our original Bitch which proves the lineage and 5 Generation Bloodline that your puppy is part of - This Lists all of the champions that you can go away and research to see their achievements both nationally and internationally.

Digital portfolio of pictures from birth to week 10 - We give you access to our online library of the litter and you can download as many images as you like.

2 x 15kg bags of Premium Autarky Puppy Food (The food they will have been on since weaning) - this will be enough for at least 3 months and is a complete diet which contains the key ingredients for growing puppies

Free Annual Family Pass for LIFE for the yearly summer reunion with all of the litter and Mother / Father

Lifetime after sales support - We are always no further than a visit, call or email away and can offer you extensive help, guidance and advice for the entirety of your dogs life.

Price is £1250 for the above Blizzard Puppy Pack which includes everything listed above.


We advise everybody to go and see numerous breeders and litters rather than buying the first puppy you see. This is because you need a comparison, you need to get a feel for the breeder and see how they approach the sale. See their premises and how the dogs live. If they just want your money and tell you what you want to hear, this is not the right person to be buying a dog from and their morals should be questioned. Breeders should give you there time and let you ask questions and almost challenge why you think a Husky is the correct dog for you and your family. You can also tell a lot from the advert! Take your time and you'll know when it feels right! We don't apply sales pressure and it's crucial for us to only obtain homes that have taken the time to make 110% sure that a Husky is the dog for them.

Your Puppies start in life;

Blizzard puppies are born indoors where the Mother spends the final week of her pregnancy. From 10 days old (eyes opening) they are raised in a heated and lit kennel block on premium vetbed. Up until the point of their eyes opening we tend to leave them with their Mother with minimal interference to ensure they are receiving the optimum amount of milk and colostrum. From the point of their eyes opening and beginning to be confident on their feet they will spend more time in the house and be exposed to all of the usual noises and experiences to ensure they are bold and outgoing (TV, Hoover, Doors shutting, Car Journeys, Handling by Adults and Children, Seeing Cats & Chickens although not coming into contact with them).

Once the puppies are weaned they will go straight onto the same premium biscuits that their Mother has been on since the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy. This is the only time that our dogs eat kibble!

Our adult dogs are maintained on the raw diet. The unprecedented benefits that this promotes is unparalleled. We would strongly recommend moving your puppy on to this diet once their digestive and immune system has fully matured (please see our website for full details).

Please visit our website for comprehensive details about us, the dogs, the puppies, recommendations and lots more - the link is at the bottom of this page. You will also find lots of information about the breed on our website.

If we can advise you on one thing, it would be to ensure you have researched the breed extensively and taken into account all of the considerations about owning a husky! There are lots of recommendations on our website that from experience, would help you to becoming a husky owner. It's not just owning a dog - its a lifetime commitment. If a husky really is for you and your family - You're in for a lot of fun!!

We would urge you to follow our mentality which was to buy the absolute best your money can buy from responsible people that have a genuine care for their dogs. Nearly 10 years ago we bought our first Siberian Husky from one of the top kennels in Europe and we now have 3 outstanding girls from that bloodline. The quality shows through everyday and we get so many comments everywhere we go.

Although we choose not to register our puppies with the kennel club we can certify and give you copies of the puppies heritage from the grandparents and great grand parents (whom are KC registered, Hip Scored with low results and Eye Test Gonioscopy & Hereditary Cataract ‘Clear’). We hold this information and can provide you with official copies on completing the contract of sale document.

You will also receive a comprehensive Kennel Club report which details the parents, bother, sisters and their progeny which are all related to our original bitch. This shows you their hip score and eye test results across more than 30 dogs from this bloodline, all of which are below breed average and clear / negative for any breed conditions.

(All pictures are of our dogs and puppies)

If you are serious about a Husky and like what you've read then please don't hesitate to make contact.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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