Advert Description

Beautiful and charming leucistic sugar glider - completely white in colour but with dark eyes. Pair him with a het leu female to produce leucistic offspring. (His genetics are also 50% het cremeino, and there is a 50% chance he carries the White Face Blonde gene.)

Supplied with lineage details. Both parents were sourced from Southwest Sugar Gliders.

Out of pouch 15 December 2017 - age on 12 January is 4 weeks.

Ready for rehoming from 23 February - deposit will secure.

He must go to a home where he will be living with another glider or gliders.

You need either to be an experienced keeper of these challenging but very rewarding pets - or else be well researched and informed and fully understanding of their needs.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Sugar glider
Current Age
5 weeks