Honeybunnies Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue Needs YOU!

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I am a volunteer fundraiser for Honeybunnies Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue, Leicestershire.

Honeybunnies are permanently inundated with requests to take in unwanted rabbits & guinea pigs :(

Due to thoughtless & unjustified breeding in the UK, there are approximately 70,000 rabbits in rescue each year ...and the number is rising.... :(

Unlike some rescues, Honeybunnies have a non euthanase policy which means animals are never put to sleep unless a vet recommends to do so. This can mean that some rabbits spend a long time in rescue waiting for their forever home which in turn means than hundreds are turned away due to lack of space :(

As a result, the ones we cannot take will continue to suffer in their present environment or be put to sleep if taken elsewhere where that is the policy :(

....but you can help! :) :) :)

1. Please don't breed or buy while others die.
2. Give a home to a rescue animal and make a difference!
3. If you already have animals of your own, please neuter & spey to avoid accidental litters.
4. Donate either items for us to sell or old fashioned pennies :)

More about Honeybunnies and the plight of rescues...

Christmas (a few weeks before & after) and about a month after Easter are especially bad times, with many people wanting to offload their poor impulse bought animals like a coat that's gone out of fashion. 4-6 weeks is the usual 'boredom/can't be bothered' threshold and when the call volume rises. It's the same pattern every year and the list of reasons for wanting to dump are always the same:

'I need to go on holiday and there's no-one to look after it'.
'It'?? That's a sure sign of how much an animal is loved.....it never ceases to amaze me how many people acquire pets and give no thought at all regarding how they will be looked after during holidays etc.

'My child is allergic'. : amazing how many children seem to be allergic to almost everything nowadays, you'd think people would check out their animal allergies before making a 10yr commitment.

'I've had my rabbit 6 years but I've got a puppy now and they don't get on'.
'Really? Have you considered keeping them apart??!! Did you consider the consequences BEFORE getting a puppy? Re-home the puppy! The rabbit was there first!' How can people just abandon an animal they've had for 5 years because of a new pet???

'The rabbit has attacked my toddler'
Hmmmm. Re-home the toddler? ;)
Seriously....pets and young children should never be left unsupervised (not even for a moment) & there's often a very good reason for a rabbit being defensive & seeming to 'attack'. Pets can be wonderfully rewarding and a great addition to a family but they need to be cared for in the right way, given the correct environment, diet and understanding. Children need to learn that they are not toys to be poked, pulled and thrown around.

Many of the calls to Honeybunnies come from people who have obtained rabbits from back yard breeders/pet stores where little or no advice re. rabbit care is given :( WE believe that with the right initial advice and understanding, the volume of unwanted pets could be massively reduced.

Un-uneutered/un-speyed rabbits often fight (if not at first then when hormones kick in) and/or frequently result in accidental litters, adding to the massive over population issue in the UK. Apart from a high vets bill, injuries from fighting often result in permanent injuries or death. The cost of neutering / speying is far less....

As a responsible rescue, Honeybunnies neuter, vaccinate and health check ALL rabbits prior to re-homing. A home check is also carried out plus free & impartial advice on all aspects of pet rabbit and guinea pig ownership are provided. All male guinea pigs are neutered to allow them to live happily with a sow or two.

Honeybunnies re-home in line with the animal welfare bill which means nothing smaller than a 5ft x 2ft hutch for a pair of small rabbits and a min of a 6ft x 2ft hutch for anything larger. Giant breeds require a shed/Wendy House.

ALL rabbits and guinea pigs must have daily access to a secure run and must be offered plenty of fresh water and good quality hay (refreshed daily). We recommend a high fibre pelleted diet and a small selection of veg to give variety although natural foraged foods i.e. hawthorn, brambles, apple sticks etc are encouraged.

Honeybunnies have a fixed minimum adoption fee of £45 for a single rabbit and £85 for a pair. Please bear in mind that this fee INCLUDES the cost of neutering, any medical treatment given whilst in our care, all vaccinations and of course, all food and bedding used whilst in the rescue.

The price of a rabbit spey alone is £65-£90 (depending on the vet). Clearly the adoption fee doesn't cover this and so we bridge the gap by standing at fetes, car boots, doing online fund raisers, selling things on ebay, facebook etc.

If you are able to donate anything to help the rescue or can give a little more than the minimum fee it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you on behalf of the Honeybunnies & Honeypigs.

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