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Sony, Big Screen gaming TV and laptop DVD projector as new image quality - For Sale

EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE!!! I HAVE NOT HAD A TV IN MY HOUSE FOR OVER 10 YEARS!!! Discover how cool having a multimedia projector in place of a TV screen really is!
Why buy a big flat screen TV when you can have any size image you like ... coming from a smaller, much neater looking and portable device, last you just as long and in most cases better picture quality! A lot cheaper to buy too!!! + £ per hour viewing ratio a lot less!, more energy efficient... The benefits are endless!

The uses for a gadget like this are endless too!... invert the image in the menu and watch TV from outside on your living room window!... simply plug in, switch on connect your video or data source...TV, SKY BOX, DVD, GAMES CONSOLES...COMPUTER... Whatever you like its multimedia and yes most are HD!!! point it at any white or light coloured wall or surface.... have a film night as well as a barbeque out in the garden this summer...point it at your house wall turn your wall into a big screen outdoor cinema...and watch movies outside or indoors.. treet your kids to larger than life games console charecters...ANY SIZE YOU LIKE from 0.5m up to 10 meters wide! Now that is a big TV... That is something you can call home cinema!!! Not some stuck in widescreen mode 42? plastic and glass box stuck to your wall that you have spent hundreds on trying to keep up with the jones?s... now you can keep up with warner brothers instead!!! :o)
You may only have a small living room may only want a small image...same size as a TV...great...this can do exactly that...only flat screen just got flatter!!!
You may want to make a cinema room and fill a white or light coloured wall with a huge cinema image...or simply hang up a white sheet to project onto or go all out and buy a projector screen (not required)
You may be ill (or very lazy) and stuck in bed so why sit up to watch TV when you can lay down and simply project it onto your ceiling!!!
Amazing in the snow too... point it out of your window and your snow covered lawn is instantly turned into a giant screen! (kids will be amazed... you will be amazed!!!)
You may want to do a computer presentation at work, your collegues don?t have to crowd around one tiny computer monitor... project your desktop onto the nearest wall any size you like so that all can see.
The uses for this are endless... the benefits of having a device like this are too... so here's one more... When you are out of the house you will never have to worry about a burgler breaking in to steel your plasma on display! Simply unplug and stick in a draw out of sight or behind a smoked glass door inside a cupboard can always project out but cant bee seen! or project your TV from under a coffee table...Can be ceiling mounted too!
Take it with you when you go camping... power it from an inverter...take a white kingsize bed sheet with you, your small projector, your laptop and 6ft wide cinema screen anywhere!
use it to advertise your business... I could go on and on and on! but im sure you now see the big picture :o)
TV will never be the same again!!! And you will never go back to a flat screen TV once you have owned one of these!
You will not find another bargain like this anywhere! and never have to worry about an expensive lamp replacement.
Delivery possible...all the help and advice you will ever need...whenever you may need it...cables quick and simple to use... just ask!
I can also tell you all you need to know about any other projector on the market new or second hand and explain and show you why you wont get better value for your money anywhere else! Guaranteed!!!
Most payment methods accepted, postage extra 15 quid if required...However I should be able to arrange free delivery and demonstrate.
I do have 2 others which are twice and 3 times this price... Hitachi and Panasonic... ALL are good,All serviced,ALL new lamps,All do the same thing!
each of these retailed between 700 and 2000 quid!

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