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This is for power steering to be fitted to your Renault Trafic camper. I fit an EPAS system to your vehicle, (electric power assisted steering) this system utilises 95% of your original steering system so it looks original inside your van, with the addition of a silent electric motor. In the event of a motor failure your steering will work as a manual system again. The system offers full assistance just like factory fitted hydraulic steering. If you have one of these vans, then you know how heavy the steering is when it comes to town driving or parking, this will make your parking a one handed job. It comes with a nice on/off switch. The whole system can be fitted in approximately 4 hours. It comes with a 12 month guarantee.
The total price you pay is £600.
Also available for Transit MK3 and Sherpa/Freight Rover

I have a Talbot Express camper myself which I converted and is available for testing, seeing is believing! I have converted a lot of Talbot campers and would like to expand my work to include different campers as well. I have converted other vans as well, just about anything is possible to convert if you have a different vehicle then please ask.

I am based in Stratford-upon-Avon, you are welcome to stay in your van overnight while the work is completed (with electric hook-up), have a look around the historic home of Shakespeare, or I will take you to the local train station which is only 2 minutes away and you can collect later. I have my own van here available for viewing and testing of the steering system.

As mentioned in MMM, the best motorhome magazine.

I work weekends as well, if that is more convenient for anyone that wants power steering fitted.

Just to let you know that driving my Mk 1 Trafic with your epas conversion was a revelation. I drove back to Somerset with a silly grin on my face, like your other customers, although I had to remember not to manhandle the van around the dozens of roundabouts en route. Your service was impeccable and the few hours we spent waiting for the job to be done was well spent in enjoying Stratford, in spite of the weather. For the first time since we have owned the van, my wife is willing [nay, eager] to drive it. I?ll certainly be recommending you to others in the fraternity of ancient Trafic owners! Mike

Chris recently fitted a power - assisted conversion to my 1985 Renault Trafic T1000 Campervan, including a free upgrade a few weeks later. The difference has to be felt to be appreciated. No longer the shoulder - wrenching parking and heaving the van around roundabouts !! The van could now easily be driven be driven by ' The fairer sex ' - if she wanted to !!
He made a very neat job of fitting the unit and is to be congratulated on a tidy and aesthetically pleasing conversion which does just what I wanted it to do. I am shortly about to embark on a continental trip, which will include small roads and mountain passes and I am sure that, with the lighter touch required, I shall not be as tired after each day's journey. I have found that being able to return to 'unassisted' steering at the flick of a switch, for motorway driving,means that the system is not over-sensitive at speed. A big 'Thank you Chris' ,
Yours Faithfully, Jim Hoddell


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