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Utterly professional camera/enlarger/copying system for a serious photographer using film/wet processing
5X4,7X6, 6X6 complete formats including print enlarging from Linhof cold cathode source and copying stand.List of equipment:-
Code No.. Description
ABT 1 Super Technica 4X5 with coupled rangefinder
GRIFA 1 Anatomical grip for above
Apo-Lanther lens 4,150mm 42 dia in MX-CR shutter
SEDU 1 Optical Multifocus Viewfinder in ft. for camera
all lenses
with cams
UGIL 1 Tel-Arton Lens 5 5/240mm 51 dia in MX-C 11/5
HANE 1 Lensboard for a/m / for 4X5
BIMU 1 Schneider Super Angulon f8 90mm
HANA 1 Special lensboard for Angulon 90 with ST 1V 4X5
BIMUI 1 Special releasing device (angular joint) for Angulon 90
UCUN 1 Schneider Super Angulon
UCWG 1 Extreme wide angle attachment and board for 65mm above
4 Linhof double plate and cutfilm holders 4X5
WELF 1 Cable Release with locking device
CABI 1 Reducing back 4X5,2.1/4,6X9
Double plate and cut film holders
1 Lens shade 70mm dia + 60mm reducing ring
3 Slip in filters orange yellow U.V.
1 Focussing Ground Glass screen plain
1 Focussing Ground Glass screen with cm
1 Kalart night focus spotlight and battery holder
1 Neckstrap
Format Mask for
Multifocus viewfinder 2 ¼ X 2 ¼
RUHEN 1 Tropical proof
aluminium case
KILF 1 Rollex Rollfilm (120)
adapter 6X6 for 4X5
KUHA 1- 120 films size Rollex
Rollfilm adapter 6X9 for 4X5
ZAZ 1 Universal Accessory Stand for 4X5 camera
(For all opying and enlarging)
ZNM 1 Cold Light
enlarging head + transformer and enlarging/copying stand
ZON 1 Negative carrier for sheet film 4X5 9X12
ZWV 1 Mask for negatives 2 ¼X2 ¼
1 Mask for negatives 6X9
Buyer must see and collect with either a cheque in advance expecting
five working days clearance or cash.
In excellent condition but some slight scuff on bottom leather trim but otherwise all equipment and lenses MINT
OriginalInstruction manuals for
camera and other items including Linhof signed "Passport" of this cameras building technicians. This is a serious professional camera
in mint condition for thiose going back to wet processing.This camera also has stand for copying with lithographic
fim . The cold liteenlarger head is perfect fro old dusty or scratched negatives.dust eliminating enlarging from the same lenses

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