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I have lots of gorgeous Silkies for sale:

- A few POL / laying hens left in paint, gold, partridge, blue and black. They are £30 each (£40 for paint, gold & blue). I also have some stunning gold, black & gold, red partridge & cuckoo cockerels which are £5 each.

- 5 month old silkie hens in Black, Partridge, Black Partridge , Black & Gold, Cuckoo & Paint. £25 each (paint £35).

- 4 month old silkie hens in Partridge, Red, Black, Cuckoo & Black Partridge (£25 each, £35 for red)

- 3 month old hens (no silkies, only smooth black sizzles) £20 each

I then have lots of unsexed silkies chicks

- 10 week old chick - light gold partridge & blue - unsexed & £25 each

- 6 week old chicks in gold partridge, cuckoo, partridge, black, white & red. Unsexed & £10 each (gold, paint, red & blue £20)

-2 week olds in various colours. Again, unsexed. £7.50 each (gold, red, paint & blue £17.50)

My next batch of chicks are due to hatch on 18th May 2018
I also ha & will start from £5 each.

I also have lots of sizzles and pekin x frizzles in some of the same ages as above, which are really pretty and all completely individual.

Raising chicks is a great way to make them really tame if you want to and for children to enjoy the experience.
I also have cockerels of various ages and colours - £5 each, £10 for paints, and now stock crow collars which cut down on their noise so if you have always wanted to have a cockerel but worried neighbours will complain with the noise, now is you chance!

If you are not in a hurry and would like to reserve and hens (or cockerels) once they have been sexed then please let me know and I will add you to my list.

I breed most of the Silkie colours - red, gold, partridge, lavender, blue, white, black, cuckoo and paint.

The hens and cockerels are all in separate pens to ensure that the colours are pure.

All my breeding stock are carefully selected and have the correct 5 toes and walnut combs.

I also keep a mixed group which is pot luck but you never know what new colours they might produce!

I also sell hatching eggs in the above colours including paint. The fertile hatching eggs start from £1.75 an egg depending on colour and current demand which I can post for £8.30 / £5.50 for half a dozen depending on the service used or you are welcome to collect.

Silkies are great little chickens - friendly, fluffy and do not damage the ground as much as larger breeds.

If you would like any further details or have any questions please get in touch and I will be happy to help you.

I am one of the largest Silkie breeders in the South and based in the Forest of Dean, postcode GL15 6ES, but am willing to transport my birds via a reliable and specialised poultry courier if you live too far away to collect.

Please contact me with your requirements and postcode and I will be happy to obtain a quote for you.

I also breed Sizzles and Pekin x Frizzles & have lots of these hens available please see my separate advert on contact me for more information.

You can also follow me on Facebook at Super Silkies & see pictures of my latest chicks and stock.

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