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Authentic, Hand-crafted Traditional Welsh Costume Porcelain Doll.
13in (330mm) tall. Has a hollow tubular pull-back stand that can also be used for mounting the doll at the top of a Christmas Tree
The traditional Welsh Costume is a costume once worn by rural women in Wales.
The costume was identified as being different from that worn by the rural women of England by many of the English visitors who toured Wales during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is very likely that what they wore was a survival of a pan-European costume worn by working rural women. This included a version of the ?Bedgown?, originally worn by the gentry in the 17th and 18th centuries. The ?Bedgown? survived in Wales for longer than elsewhere in Britain. Known in Wales as 'Pais a Betgwn', which is usually translated into English as 'Petticoat and Bedgown'.
The unique ?Welsh hat?, which first made its appearance in the 1830?s was used as an icon of Wales from the 1840?s and is similar to a top hat, or the ?Capotain?. It is still worn by women, and particularly schoolgirls, in Wales on ?St David's Day?, but rarely on other occasions
Two main shapes of Welsh hat were made during the 19th century; those with drum shaped (vertical sided) crowns were worn in North-West Wales - and those with slightly tapering crowns were found in the rest of Wales.
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