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we are the oldest parakeet/parrot rehabilitation centre in the Midlands,we collect birds from all over the Midlands this can be from families who want there bird to go to a SAFE environment because
there parents who no longer can look after it, .you may have a bird which is causing you stress because of the noise some birds can make or you may suffer with breathing difficulties because of the dust some parrots give of[ especially African greys]
which ever problem you have we can solve it for you just give us a ring and we will collect, most birds are kept in large aviaries allowing them to fly after all thats why they have wings and the fresh air does them the world of good and they get all that vitamin d from sunshine, winter time they all have enclosures some have heating if that is the requirement of that particular bird i have over 30 years experience . so your bird is well catered for . thank you there is no charge for this service, and most birds stay with us unless the recipient has been house checked thoroughly . we have just had new accomadation built so we can accomadate all types of birds
these are just a few of the rescued and rehomed birds.

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No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
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6 years