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Hi there,
This is a list of reptiles that we currently have in or store located at Whilton Locks Garden Village (NN11 2NH)
as well as livestock we boast a quality range of vivariums, livefeed, equipment and more to house and look after your exotics!
we have the following:
Baby Corns: Well handled, eating great - £29.99 each
Adult Corns - we have a trio - £79.99 Each or £200 for all three.
Adult Snow Corn - Beautiful and very friendly snake. £79.99
Royal Python - Lovely snake, eating well. £149
Side Blotched Lizards - one left. entertaining little lizards. Desert dwelling so like it hot. £29.99
Long Tailed Skinks - one left. Similar in size to the side blotched lizards. They like it warm and humid. £14.99.
Leopard Geckos - Baby geckos £75 each or £125 for a pair. We also have one adult leopard gecko housed on its own who is priced at £75 and is a hypo coloration.
Chinese Water Dragon - We have 1 of these. they are a juvenile but great eaters and good for handling. £39.99 each.
Baby bearded dragons - Perfect starter lizard, eating well. Priced at £59.99 each.
Tokay Gecko - Stunning lizard with red and blue colouring, currently have 1 of these. Need to be kept warm and humid. £29.99 each.
All CITES enlisted tortoises (Mediterranean) come with article 10 certificates!
Baby Herman's Tortoise (CB16)
- £149 each
Horsefield Tortoises - we have some lovely Horsefield Tortoises in store at the moment, lovely temperament very healthy and alert - £99 each
Marginated Tortoises (2 left) - Certificated. £149 each
Adult Hermmans - 1 male £199
Whites Tree Frogs - £39.99 each or 2 for £65.
Foam Nest Tree Frog - New in, a bit jumpy at the minute but feeding well. £19.99 each or £34.99 a pair.
We also stock certain inverebrates such as tarantulas, scorpion, stick insects and more (on a seperate advert!)
Thank you for looking

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Mixed Species
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4 months
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Yes - Specimen Specific Certificate
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