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****Desert / Bearded dragon starter kit from £169.99****

Kit includes;

3 foot vivexotic repti-stax vivarium
Analog thermometer
2x Arcadia ceramic lamp holders
Choice of substrate, 1x reptile carpet cut to fit
Exo terra Compact U.V.B 10% bulb
50w Basking bulb
Exo Terra feeding bowl
Komodo kidney water dish
40G Calcium powder

Switch to a UV tube / starter for £12.99 (30'')

Add a 600W Hi-temp day / night Thermostat for £55

Upgrade to a 4 foot vivarium for £20 - Recommended for adults

****Snake / gecko set-ups from - £99.99****

2 ft set up - £99.99
3 ft set up - £119.99
4 ft set up - £144.99

Kit includes;

Vivexotic Repti-stax vivarium
Analogue thermometer
Komodo Heat mat
6L aspen or 5L wood chippings
Komodo kidney water dish
Medium bendy hide

Add £29.99 for a 100w on/off thermostat

****Compact heating / light Kit - £69.99****

2x Arcadia ceramic fixtures with brackets / inline switch
Exo terra UVB 10.0% compact bulb
50w komodo basking bulb

****UVB Tube / heating kit - £69.99 (18'') - £77.98 (30'')****

1x Arcadia ceramic fixture with inline switch
50w komodo basking bulb
25/30w Arcadia controller
Arcadia tube 18" - 30"

Wide range of reptile accessories and necessities available in store.

Most vivarium's are kept in stock however next day delivery is available if you'd like a different vivarium.

Free construction / installation of electrics can be arranged if required.

Also FREE delivery within a 5 mile radius.

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