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we take unwanted and rescued pets and injured wildlife,,
we will take anything from
reptiles to alpacas
with anything in between,rabbits guinea pigs birds tortoises exotics,reptiles. .hedgehogs,,parrots etc, (we do not take cats or dogs)completely non profit,experienced in all livestock.we are a private
farm park, that is funded by ourselves and is done not for any sort of monitory gain, our dedicated team do it for the interest of the animals as unfortunately it is now a society that animals are for human wants/needs and a pet has to fit in with our ways and are purchased without any research,where as
it should be we fit in with their needs,.. and before purchasing an animal you
assure that all
its needs can be
fulfilled and not how the human wants it to live,
we keep
wallabys,mara, sugar gliders, many exotics,,mini horses,skunks,birds of prey.reptiles,tarantulas,emu,rhea,alpacas chickens,ducks,peafowl, etc etc weve
also opened our tortoise garden and a turtle
garden with large pond for your over grown terrapins that have outgrown their tank, everything is kept to as near to
its natural habitat,/ evironment as possible,,no animals are turned away,
we ask for a small donation when bringing in your pet or rescue
we dont judge,.no questions asked,our only concern is the welfare of the animals,,, PLEASE NOTE no
animals are
for sale or offered for adoption,, also we are not open to the public, so please dont expect a tour when bringing in a pet,,as if we showed everyone round we would never get anything done,plus they are not for humans entertainment,,we are regularly defra checked,, totally non profit.. anyone that can offer cages, bags food, clean towels etc is much appreciated.

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