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I offer a mobile pregnancy scanning service.
Why have your bitch scanned?
Scanning your bitch can be beneficial for many reasons
To confirm whether your bitch is pregnant or not
Be able to plan ahead (planning show season)
Get your bitch used to her whelping area
Adjust her food accordingly at the correct time
Being able to inform customers of your expected litter
Ultra sound is a non-invasive and safe procedure, which doesn't need the use of anaestheic or a sedative. Ultrasound uses a probe that projects inaudible sound waves at body tissues and measures the speed and direction at which the waves return. The results of the returning sound waves are interpreted by the machine and are displayed on the screen. the whole process is safe and pain free.
It is best done with your bitch standing no matter what the breed, as lying her down on her side or back can cause her to be unsettled and is unnecessary.
A water based gel is used on the tummy to help ensure a clear picture, for heavily coated breeds a small amount of hair may need to be clipped away to let the probe make contact with the skin, but this is only ever done with the owners permission.
I can scan your bitch at 28 days from the last mating and at anytime thereafter. I wont scan before 28 days as without ovulation testing it is hard to tell exactly when the egg and sperm actually meet (which can be a few days after mating).
I can tell you if your bitch is pregnant or not, but not exact numbers as , some dogs especially large breeds can hold puppies high in the rib cage where they cannot be detected. If your girl is looking like she may have a large litter the babies can hide behind each other. Some girls can also reabsorb part or all of the litter, resulting in less or no babies.
I have been trained by Vet Imaging Solutions at level 1 & 2, and hold the certificates. Look on and we are listed as a certified scanner
All the equipment used, is a professional scanner purchased in the UK, not a cheap import,it is thoroughly cleaned down after every client with antibacterial cleaner, to protect from anything passed from dog to dog.
We are fully insured
Ultrasound scanning within 10 mile of my home £30
Then 50p per mile thereafter, calculated using my postcode to your postcode and back
I also offer a mobile Microchipping service trained by peddymark fully insured all dogs have to be microchipped by law from April 2016 and all puppies microchipped before 8 weeks old registered to the breeder we offer litter discounts and have both standard and mini chips all registered with Petlog, also offer AI mating service please ask for details or visit our website

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