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A chance to own a piece of history!
This is an extremely unique opportunity to obtain original historical documents rarely, if ever, offered for sale in the public domain.
A total of 80, 1969 news releases from the renowned Gemini News Service. Each complete with illustrations, maps and sketches as provided.
Of interest to historians, researchers, scholars, archivists, collectors of 1960s memorabilia and anyone interested in this historical period.
These are not PDF files or copies but the genuine original releases as dispatched by Gemini in 1969. These original documents are over 45 years old and represent a fascinating piece of journalistic history.
About Gemini :-
Gemini was a ground-breaking British News Service, founded by the noted and highly accliamed British journalist, broadcaster & author Derek Ingram in 1967, it was a pioneering independent news service specialising in the field of international and development journalism. Gemini aimed to improve the exchange of news coverage between the developed and the developing world and to change traditional patterns of news where by news agencies used journalists from developed countries to report on the affairs of developing countries.
One of the fundamental principles that made Gemini stand out from other news agencies was that where possible they used articles by correspondents who were resident in the country they were writing about. Correspondents from all over the world would send articles to its headquarters in London where they would be edited, illustrated and dispatched by a small team of journalists, administrators and graphic designers. Gemini news features covered a wide variety of subjects, including politics, economics, culture, health, science and the environment which appealed to countries in and outside of the Commonwealth.
Gemini had always operated on a tiny budget but by the early 1970s, it became clear that Gemini could not survive without significant financial backing. As a result of Gemini's financial crisis Ingram began approaching individuals and newspapers to buy Gemini. In June 1973, Gemini was brought by the Manchester Guardian and Evening News Limited and relocated to news offices in John Street, London. As a subsidiary of the Guardian, Gemini maintained its identity and editorial independence.
In April 1982, the Guardian handed Gemini back to Derek Ingram, who unable to find sufficient financial backing, was forced to immediately suspend the Service.
Relaunched in 1983 it had many guises but eventually was suspended (for good?) in 2002.
Archived copies of Gemini news releases are available for scrutiny only at the Guardian News & Media Archive and can only be viewed in their reading room by prior appointment, these cannot be borrowed, lent or otherwise removed from the archive.
These documents are from an indepedent private collection and are in good condition, they have been stored in a ring binder so have holes punched in them (see photos).
The news releases are from a dynamic period of history and show in context some of the immense changes taking place around the world at the end of the 1960s.
A variety of topics are covered from Britain, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia as well as Economic and social issues across the globe.
They Include :-
The unrest in the days before East Pakistan became Bangladesh
The crisis that became known as the Biafran (Nigerian civil) war which led to the first international press coverage of famine in Africa
Post independence Mauritius
Post De-Gaulle Europe (Will Britain ever be allowed to join the EU) and a biography of the incoming French leader Georges Pompidou by Derek Ingram
British Prime Minister Edward Heath and the withdrawal of British troops from the Middle East.
The first black man to sit in the British house of Lords.
The opening of the 'new' Victoria Line underground railway in London.
South Africa's Apartheid planners get it wrong.
Biography of Northern Irish activist and IRA sympathiser Bernadette Devlin, then at 22 years old the youngest MP in the British government
The Beatles
The Collection is being sold intact at the eqivalent price of £1.50 (GBP) each. I will not split so individual reports are not available.
I only take Paypal.

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