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Collection Of Model Cars - £1,500 NO OFFERS
Corgi (Boxed) – 43
Corgi (Unboxed) – 155 Lledo (Boxed) – 12
Lledo (Unboxed) – 21 Tinplate (Boxed) – 2
Tinplate (Unboxed) – 1
Vanguards (Boxed) – 8
Dinky (Boxed) – 3
Dinky (Unboxed) – 8
Matchbox (Boxed) – 11 Matchbox (Unboxed) – 119
Matchbox KS (Unboxed) – 30 Majorette (Unboxed) – 20
Various - 107
Schuco/Siku/Solido/Spot On etc)
Plus box of about 100 cars/trucks/planes etc – some OK, some for spares.

AEC Van AMC Pacer (Junior)
Asda 25th Anniversary Van
Aston Martin Austin Cambridge Driving School x 2
Austin Mini Metro (Junior )
Bantam Karrier (Needs Tyres)
Beach Buggy
Bedford Car Transporter x 3
Bedford Fire Tender
Bedford Tractor Unit
Bedford Utilicon (Green)
Big Ears On Bike
Black Taxi
BMW 502 Cabrio
Brewer & Turnbull Removal Van
Bugs Bunny Buggy (Junior)
Buick Regal Police
Buick Royal (Junior)
Captain Scarlet Car
Car Transporter (Junior)
Car Transporter x 3
Cartoon Cars x 9
Chevrolet Corvair
Chipperfields Horse Box
Chipperfields Landrover
Citroen 2CV
Citroen Safari (Needs Tyres)
Citroen Safari Camera Car
Commer Ambulance x 2
Commer County Police
Corkhills Coach
Daimler Fleetline (Junior)
Double Deck Bus x 8
Dropside Trailer
FAB1 x 2
FC150 Loader (No Belt)
FC150 Loader (With Belt)
Ferrari Berlinetta
Fiat 2100
Ford Popular 100E
Ford Thunderbird x 2
Ford Tilt Cab Tractor Unit
Ford Transit 'City Link'
Ford Van 'Cadbury' (Junior)
Ford Van 'J Webster & Sons'
Forward Control FC150
Heidelburger Druckautomat
Hillman Imp
Hillman Imp (Blue)
Holmes Wrecker
Jaguar 2.4 Fire Chief
Jaguar XJ12 'Coastguard'
Jaguar XJS - Gunmetal
Jaguar XJS - Old English White
Jaguar XJS - Red
James Bond Alpine
JB Aston Martin With Ejector seat
Jeep FC150
Jeep FC150 (Needs Tyres)
Jeep FC150 (Red)
Jeep FC150 With Cover
La France Fire Engine x 2
Landrover - Lions Of Longleat (Needs Tyres)
Landrover Green
Landrover Recovery With Tow Hook
Landrover Safari (Needs Tyres)
Landrover Tow Truck
London Taxi x 2 (Junior)
London Wholesale Ltd
Massey Harris Manure x 2
Matra Rancho
Mercedes & Caravan
Mercedes 220SE
Mercedes 300SL
Mercedes 600 Pullman
Mercedes Pullman - Working Wipers
MGA x 2
Mini (Red)
Mobile Crane (Junior)
Mobile Shop (Mercedes Junior)
Morris Minor
Morris Minor (Green)
Morris Truck (Junior)
Mustang 2 + 2
Newmarket Stables Horse Box
Pinders Circus Booking Office
Pinders Circus Landrover
Porsche Targa 911S (Jewel Headlights)
Refuse Collector
Rice Pony Trailer (Red) With Horse
Rice Pony Trailer x 4
Road Roller (Junior)
Rough Terrain Truck (Junior)
Rover 2000 Goldenjacks
Royal Mail Van
RR Corniche
RR Corniche - Maroon
RR Corniche - Silver
RR Corniche - White
RR James Bond
RR Phantom
RR Silver Shadow
RR Silver Shadow
Sierra 2.3 Ghia
Sierra Polizei
Steam Wagon (Repainted)
Sunbeam Imp Rally
Superior Ambulance (Cadillac)
Tipping Farm Trailer
Vans x 2
VW Toblerone With Trans O Lights
Yardley McLaren Ford

AEC Regal Coach
Aston Martin DB5 - Goldfinger
Batmobile (Pair)
British Railways Transport of 50s+60s
Cameo Collection x 2 Royal Mail Vans
Cameo Collection x 3
Chipperfields Bedford Booking Office
Chipperfields Set Of 10
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Double Deck Bus - Bradford
Draymans 25401
E Type 02802 Gold Plated
E Type 96043
E Type 96081
Garbage Truck
Golden Oldies - Nestles
Golden Oldies - Ovaltine
Gondolo Van x 2 (Blister)
Green Hornet
GS/24 Constructor Set
Heavy Haulage Set
J B Goldeneye BMW Z3
Jaguar MkII On Plinth
John Smiths Set
Last Of The Summer Wine Landrover
Light Commercials 'Lost It' Productions Ltd Ed
London Taxi
Morris Minor x 3
National Resources Vans (Set of 4) Ltd Ed
Noddy x 5
Royal Mail Model T Ford
Royal Mail Morris J Van
Scammell Scarab Set
Scammell Container Truck
Scammell Scarab 'Railfreight'
Shearings Coach
Spratts Van
Tom & Jerry The Movie
Trackside Paint Your Own Vans (5)
Corgitronics Beep Beep Bus
Volvo Car Transporter
Whitbread Vans
Zephyr Racing (Set of 3)

1930's LNER Express Parcels Vans
Brooklands Set x 2
Coronation Street
Coronation Street x 3
Days Gone Dairies Set
Del Boy's Van
Persil Van
Royal Navy Set
Trackside Lorries With Loads x 13
Trackside Sentinel Ballast Box
Auxiliary Fire Service
Essex Fire Engine
Maynards Wine Gums
Morris Traveller
Racing Car x 2 (ex Brooklands Set)
Railton Special
Shredded Wheat Van x 2
Single Deck Bus (Yellow) BOAC
Spirit Of America
Thrust RRC
Weatherfield Fire Engine
Walkers Crisps
Illustrated Leicester Chronicle
Leicester Mercury
Primula Cheese Spread
Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs
Westons Cider

Captain Benjamin (Clockwork) Boxed
Streamline Car (Friction) Boxed
Zeter Tractor & Trailer (Clockwork)

Ford Anglia 105E
Morris 1300
Morris Traveller Blue
Morris Traveller Green
Oxydol Van
Royal Mail Bedford S Type
Royal Mail Ford Anglia
Royal Mail Reliant Regal

1939 Triumph Dolomite
971 Coles Crane
Landrover AA

Austin A40 Van
Jones Fleetmaster Crane
Meccano Alfa Romeo
Meccano Mersey Tunnel Landrover
Police Mini Cooper
Trailer 341 x 2

0-6-0 Pannier Tank
Airport Coach
Alvis Stalwart
Articulated Horse Trailer KS
Articulated Horse Van KS
Assorted Vehicles x 21
Assorted x17
Big Bull
Binz Ambulance
Bruesome Twosome
Cadillac Ambulance
Car Transporter x 2
Combine Harvester
Crane (KS)
Crane Green (KS)
Crane Truck
Crane Truck
Crocodile In Hotrod
DAF Car Transporter (KS)
Dodge Tipper
Dodge Tractor Unit + Trailer
Donald Duck Beach Buggy
Donald Duck Post Van
Earth Scraper
Ferrari F40
Fiat 1500
Fire Engine
Foden Hoveringham (KS)
Ford Capri Whizzwheels
Ford GT
Ford Mercury
Ford Tractor
Freeman Innercity x 2
Freuhof Hoppers x 2 + Tractor (KS)
Freuhof Trailer + Tractor
Freuhof Trailer x 2 + Tractor
Funny Car
Hot Ford T
Jaguar XK120
Jiminy Cricket
Kennel Truck
Lamborghini Miura (KS NeedsTyres)
Low Loader
Mercedes Ambulance
Mercedes Trailer
Mercedes Truck
Mercedes Truck (Green)
Merryweather Fire Engine x 2 (KS)
MG 1100
Mickey Mouse Fire Engine
Minnie Mouse Blue Car
Model A Ford Van
Model A Ford Van
Motor Scraper (KS)
MOY 1937 Cord
MOY Bentley Le Mans
MOY Bugatti Type 35
MOY Bullnose Morris
MOY Duesenberg
MOY Johnnie Walker Whisky
MOY Lagonda
MOY x 11 (Boxed)
Mustang With Steering x 2
NASA Tracker Van
Newcastle Trolley Bus
Oil Tanker
Petrol Pumps
Pony Trailer
Pony Trailer Racing Car Transporter x 3 (KS)
Racing Mini
Racing Mini
Ready Mix Concrete Truck (KS)
Recovery (KS)
Refuse Truck
Road Dragster
Rover Stirling
RR Silver Shadow
RR Silver Spirit
Scammell Constructor Tipper (KS)
Scammell Freight Liner (KS)
Scammell Tipper Truck (KS)
Sentinel Steam Wagon
Shell Oil Tanker
Shell Tractor Unit
Snorkel Fire Engine KS
Speedkings Bandelero
Speedkings Shovel Nose
Stake Truck
Taylor Jumbo Crane
Tipper Truck (KS)
Turbo Fury
VW 1500
VW Golf
Whitlock Trailer x 2

Blazer Jimmy
Jeep (Pink)
Jeep Cherokee With Surfboards
Porsche Boxster
Toyota 4 x 4
Truck x 6

1st Editions Leyland Tiger 1/76 (Boxed)
Berliet x 6 (Blister)
Brumm Lancia Aprilia (Boxed)
Budgie Black Taxi
Budgie Railway Engine (Gold Boxed)
Budgie Routemaster Bus
Budgie Tow Truck
Budgie Wolseley Police Car
Burago 1/18 Mercedes SSK 2 Seater
Burago Fiat Punto (Boxed)
Burago LWB Landrover
Burago Porsche 911 Yellow (No back window)
Cadillac (Boxed)
Cararama Ford Corsair
Cararama Mini (Boxed)
Chad Valley Digger (Boxed Friction)
Days Gone Austin Taxi 1933 (Boxed)
Days Gone Ketton Cement (Boxed)
Days Gone LNER Country Motor services
Days Gone London Brick Tractor Unit
Days Gone Van x 6 (Boxed)
Days Gone x 9 (Boxed)
Dodge Pickup
Dunkin Donuts (Boxed)
EFE 1/76 HeyGates Flour (Boxed)
EFE OO Scale Oxydol (Boxed)
EFSI 1/68 US Mail (Boxed)
ERTL Train x 3
GWR Express Cartage Services (Kit Built)
Halls Mentholyptus Sp. Ed (Boxed)
Heavy Stepside Pickup (Pull'n'Go)
Hotwheels Mercedes 380SEL
Husky GUY Warrior
JCB Digger (Boxed)
Kissmont Ford Woody
Lesney Austin Cambridge A55
Lesney Bedford Milk Float (Metal Wheels)
888Lesney Commer Bottle Float
Lesney Commer Ice Cream Canteen
Lesney Dinkum Dumper
Lesney Ford Thames Van (Metal Wheels)
Lesney Motorbike
Lesney Pickfords Low Loader
Lesney Pontiac (Metal Wheels)
Lonestar OOO Train Collection
Maisto 1/18 VW Beetle Convertible
Maisto 599 GTB (Kit Boxed)
Maisto Beetle New Shape
Mini Cooper (Pull'n'Go)
Morestone Noddy Car
New York Taxi (Pull'n'Go)
Newray Mercedes 300SL (Cased)
Oxford Diecast British Legion Van
Oxford Diecast Bus x 2 (Boxed)
Oxford Diecast Cars x 4 (Boxed)
Oxford Diecast D G Coach
Oxford Diecast Pickup Truck
P & O Ferries Artic
People Carrier (Pull'n'Go)
Perrier Jouet Van-Wood Plinth Boxed
Realtoy MAN Refuse Wagon
Realtoy Monster Car (Friction)
Revel '81 Cadillac - Toy Fair '88 (Boxed)
Saico Mercedes (Boxed)
Saico Morris Minor 'OXO' (Pull'n'Go)
Schuco Opel (Boxed)
Schuco Skoda (Boxed)
Schuco TNT Lorry (Boxed)
Shell BMW (Boxed)
Siku Tractor
Siku Tractor Unit
Simba (Boxed Pull'n'Go)
Solido Mercedes 300SL 1954
Solido Peugeot 406 Coupe
Spot On Vauxhall Cresta
Sumner Ferrari 308
Superior Classic Bus (Boxed Pull'n'Go)
Tractor Unit
Tractor Unit
Vimto Lorry
Weetabix Artic Boxed (Sp Ed)
Welly Express Tours Coach (Pull'n'Go)
Welly Super Tours Coach (Pull'n'Go)

NO MORE SILLY QUESTIONS (If you do not know what they are or what they look like, then you are not seriously interested).

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