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Snake Availability List at The Jungle, Buxton, Derbyshire
CB17 Lavender Albino Tiger Female Super Dwarf Reticulated Python £249
CB17 Motley Tiger Het Albino Female Reticulated Python £219
CB17 Platinum Motley Het Albino Reticulated Python Female £219
CB17 Normal Retic Poss Het Albino Female £89.99
CB17 Tiger Poss Het Albino Female £139.99
CB17 Sunchild - Sunfire Golden Child, Poss Het Albino Retic Male £369.99
Cb16 Super Dwarf Reticulated Python Het Purple Albino £229 This snake is tiny!! Only about 3 foot long!
CB15 Honey Bee Royal Python Male £129.99
CB15 Spider Het Ghost Female Royal £129.99
CB17 Mojave Royal £69.99
CB17 Yellow Belly Royal £59.99
CB17 Normal Het Lavender Albino Royal £59.99
CB17 Female Royals Poss Het Albino £44.99
CB15 Super Pastel Royal Male £129.99
CB16 Normal Royals £44.99
CB17 Ghost Royals Male £69.99
CB16 Enchi Het Albino Male £99
CB17 Het Sharp Albino Boas £39.99
CB16 Kahl Albino Motley Female Boa £229
CB16 Hypo Boas £89.99
CB16 Hypo Cooks Tree Boas £125
CB15 Jungle Carpet Pythons £79.99 2 for £125
CB17 Albino Carpet Pythons £229
CB17 Carpet Pythons £44.99
CB17 Burmese Pythons Het Granite £94.99
CB16 Granite Burmese Python £199
CB16 Albino Pearl Burmese £229
CB16 Albino Burmese Special Offer £150
CB17 Pair of Spotted Pythons £149.99
CB16 Blood Red Cornsnake £69.99
CB15 Banana Cali King £59.99
CB16 Snow Corn £59.99
CB16 Cali King £49.99
CB16 Male Amel Corns £59.99
CB16 Corn Snakes £49.99
CB16 Albino Milksnake £74.99
CB17 Amel Corns £39.99
CB17 High Contrast Amel Corns £44.99
CB17 Snow Corns £49.99
CB17 Lavender Albino Cali Kingsnakes £39.99
CB17 Hognose £44.99
CB17 High Green Hognose £49.99
CB16 Hognose £59.99
CB16 Cornsnake in full setup only £119.99!
If any snakes are unsexed on the lists please ask and we will be more than happy to sex them for you.
All dry goods / accessories to suit available from both stores at the best price GURANTEED!
Or alternatively why not visit our website to purchase online or our Ebay Shop!
Care Sheets given with every purchase of a reptile.
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Business Advert
Current Age
19 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate