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This deal is staying We can now take card payments to make your purchase easier. Contact us if you want to ask anything. For sale I have a brilliant offer of 20 juvenile Malawi cichlids all over 1/2 inch or more in size. They are feeding on the best crushed sera flora flake food so they are very lively and growing fast. They are all stunning and from pure bred cichlids no hybrids. There are more than several different breeds with more being bred each day as we have over 60/70 different pure breeds of Malawis, Tanganyikans and Victorian, Most of our breeding groups are wild caught, F1 or fantastic tank bred sources from all over, This is what we have at the moment but demand is high and the details could change so the list will be updated accordingly..
New list for the 10 for £25 offer.
Pseudotropheus sp. Yellow tail cichlid acei 4/5 cm
Pseudotropheus acei black white tail ngara 4/5 cm
Metriaclima lombardoi Kennyi mbuna 4/5 cm
Pseudotropheus crabro Bumble bee 4/5 cm
Pseudotropheus elongates Slender mbuna 4/5 cm
Metriaclima Red fin zebra 4/5 cm
Metriaclima Red zebra 4/5 cm
Pseudotropheus zebra Snow cichlid 4/5 cm
Metriaclima Cobalt blue 4/5 cm
Melanochromis Johanni mbuna 4/5 cm
Ice Blue Zebra Metriaclima greshakei 4/5 cm
Lodotropheus sprengerae Rusty 4/5 cm
Electric Yellow Lab Labidochromis caeruleus 4/5 cm
Melanochromis auratus - (Golden Mbuna) 4/5 cm
Melanochromis auratus - (albino) 4/5 cm
Scolofi powder blue. 4/5 cm
If you would like to come and see us you would be very welcome, you can come and have a look there is no pressure to buy. Let me know if you would like our address and i'll send it ASAP.
Victorian Haplochromis Sp44 £5.00 each 1 inch or just over.
Pundamilia nyereri (Ruti Island) £5.00 each 1 inch or just over.
These fish are ideal for a starter tank or to go in a grow on tank and NOT with full grown adult fish.
If you don't want to buy the offer of 10 and only want a few fish, you can have 20 for £45 or you can buy 4 juveniles at 4 for £12.00 or the price is £3.50 each pre fish.
Most of the fish are too young to sex so it's pot luck what you will get. Don't forget as they grow some will change colour and go from the female colour to male.
It is collection only from Solihull, West Midlands. This way you can see all our stunning parents of the fish before you buy.
PLEASE NOTE: The smaller juveniles are not really suitable to put in with adult cichlids.
If you have any concerns you are welcome to ask some of the members that have already had some of our stunning fish to see what quality you will get.
I will not post at the moment, so please do not ask.
Please don't worry about bringing your own bags they will be supplied by us.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our fish before you purchase.

We have some good news as I can now take card payments to make things a bit easier for some of our customers.
Thank you for looking.

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Malawi fish
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