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Dell Precision 650 WorkStation, Win7Ultimate, 3.2GHz 4GB 3xHD DVD Kbd Mse & more

Dell Precision 3.2 GHz Dual XEON CPU 650 WorkStation, Win7Ultimate, 3xHDs, DVD-RW, Keyboard & Mouse & more

I have kept this superb Dell 650 in perfect condition and up to date as it remains an exceptionally fast and powerful workstation for photographic or video (or gaming) use with expansion capability that you no longer can get on modern, small profile, desktops and laptops.

It has REAL dual, high performance, dual core Intel XEON processors running at a whopping 3.2Ghz giving incredible speed and performance coupled with a huge range of physical interfaces (including, if you still need them, 1 Parallel port, 2 RS-232 ports, 1 rear and 1 front Firewire 1394 ports, 4 rear & 2 front USB ports, front and rear audio ports, DVI, VGA and S-Video monitor support as well as integral SCSI Raid), ideal if you have legacy scanners or other technical hardware that needs these older style interfaces.
I am first offering the unit complete and up to date (all current updates installed) with Windows 7 Ultimate and a number of photographic and administrative apps already installed.
As well as the full complement of 4gb of RAM, included are 3 hard discs:
A 230 GB primary NTFS Hard Disc,
a 230 GB Secondary NTFS Hard Disc and
a 140GB NTFS SCSI Hard Disc
the latter of which is ultra fast and can either be configured as the systems disc of, through the addition of additional SCSI discs, can be configured as a RAID secure storage system for your data or an internet host service.

The machine has a DVD re-writer installed as well as an additional DVD reader and a legacy 3.5” Floppy Disc and space for an additional Optical Drive.
It has three hard discs installed and space for additional drives with the choice of IDE, SCSI or (with an interface card) SATA.

If required I can also provide interface cards for additional internal SATA or USB and 2 additional SCSI Hard Discs (at additional cost)

At this stage I would rather not split this unit for parts, which I know have good (possibly better) individual value, as I suspect somebody will value this unit as much as me. However, I have two of these, almost identical, so please message me if you need anything (rails, optical drives, SCSI or IDE HDs)

Details and Tech Spec.

Dell Precision Workstation 650/650n
The Dell Precision Workstation 650/650n takes the PC2100 ECC/non-ECC DDR SDRAM DIMMs. Install memory in pairs. You can upgrade your Dell Precision Workstation 650/650n to up to a maximum of 4.0 GB Memory, the system has 4 sockets (2 banks of 2) to install memory.

Dell Precision WorkStation 650 Tower Black
Mother Board Original Intel E7505 dual Xeon
Install Original Intel Xeon 3.2Ghz + 3.2Ghz ( 2 ) Hyper Threading Processors
(Its show 4 CPUS In DirectX which means it has 4 THREADS running all the time and dual processor access to the memory, that’s why the performance is exceptional.)
4GB DDR1 RAM in 4 dimms (Max Support 4 Gb RAM, 4 RAM Slots)
2 x 230 Gb Maxtor Hard Discs
1 x 146 GB Fujitsu SCSI Hard Disc

ATI Radion HD 3850 AGP graphics Card dual-DVI out & S-Video Interface)
Integrated INTEL PRO/1000 MT Ethernet (supports 10/100/1000)
Integrated INTEL 82801 DBV/DBM AC 97 Audio Controller
Adaptec AHA-2940UW PCI SCSI Controller (Providing external SCSI connection for devices such as scanners)
Adaptec AHA-894x/AIC-5800 PCI 1394 Controller (Providing 2 additional external 1394/Firewire connections for devices such as scanners or high data rate card readers)

460W 100-240V (Worldwide compatible) AC Power Supplies
Multiple 68pin SCSI hard drives can be added to this system for RAID configuration.

2 x RS-232(9 pin D type)
1 x Parallel (25 pin D type)
1 x Parallel SCSI (50 Pin SCSI-2 High Density)
2 x 1394/Firewire (native) + 2 x 1394/Firewire (on PCI card)
1 x Ethernet
6 x USB external (native, 4 rear, 2 front) + 4 x USB (on PCI card)
2 x DVI Video
1 x S-Video

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

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Precision 650 Dual Xeon
Hard Disk Size
600 GB
3.2 GHz
4 GB

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