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The Sirio Vanguard Model TX12.100 is single phase electric cold water pressure washer designed for serious cleaning. Made in Italy and marketed in the UK by EDGE Cleaning as the EDGE Leopard.
The thing to remember about pressure washers is that manufacturers of small domestic machines compete by claiming high pressure figures – 120 bar – 150 bar etc. but the rate of water flow at which that pressure can be maintained is also important. Typical flow rates for a cheap machine are 5-6 litres per minute. This machine delivers 12 litres per minute at 100 bar (1450 psi); hence more cleaning power. Also, unlike some well known brands, it can suck water from an open tank as well as taking water under pressure from the mains. It can also spray detergent or chemicals at low pressure from an internal tank or an external container.
I bought this pressure washer to use for a few days each year cleaning out some chicken sheds, but after couple of years I stopped keeping chickens. Since then it's had a easy life occasionally cleaning my car and patio. A sledgehammer to crack a nut! Needless to say, it is in excellent working order.
Here's the technical spec:
Water flow rate: 12 litres/min
Max Working Pressure (adjustable):100 bar (1450 psi)
Equivalent washing impact of the Rotonozzle jet: 170 bar (2450 psi)
Motor:3.2 KW 50 Hz 1450 rpm continuous duty with thermal overload protection
Pump: crank type, ceramic pistons, brass heads, oil bath lubrication
Noise Level:72-77 dB A
Max suction depth:3 metres
Weight:43 kg
Dimensions:mm 860 x 400 x 875 (h) inches 34 x 16 x 34 (h)
High Pressure Hose and Lance:8 metres 5/16” internal steel reinforced rubber, max pressure 200 bar

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