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Royal Pythons:
*Adult/Sub Adult*
CB18 Male Clown £250
CB Adult Male Pastel £150
CB18/19 Male Vanilla £150
CBB18 Normal female £125
CB19 Female Pastel Enchi Het Albino £300 or with male enchi het albino £400
CB19 Male Enchi Het Albino £175
CB19 Male Pewter £175
CB19 Male Leopard Pinstripe £280
CB20 Male Vanilla £125
CB19 Male Fire Leopard Pinstripe £495 now £400
2x CB19 Male Normal £65 each
CB19 Female Normal £110
CB20 Male Coral Glow Vanilla £450 now £400
CB20 Male Banana Het Clown £400
CB20 Male Albino £395
CB20 Female Pastel £150
CB20 Female Woma 66% pht Pied £135
CB20 Female Enchi kingpin £475
CB20 Male Banana Pastel Woma £495
2x CBB20 Female Normal £105 each
CBB20 Female Normal £95
2x CBB20 Male Normal £95 each
CBB20 Male Pastel £120
CBB20 Female Pastel £125
CB20 Female Pied £595
CB20 Female Champagne £375

Other Pythons:
CBB19 Male Pure Coastal Tiger Carpet Python £150
CBB20 Pure Jungle Male Carpet Python £120
CBB20 Female Bredl's Python £179
CBB Male Albino Burmese Python £175 4-5ft
CBB20 Female 100% Het Snow Carpet Python £200
CBB20 Male 100% Het Snow Carpet Python £200

Corn Snakes:
CB15 Male Normal £95
CBB20 Female Normal Het Scaleless Het Snow £130
CBB20 Female Poss Super Tessera Scaleless, Poss Het Anery, Hypo, Terrazzo, Sunkissed £475

4-5yr BCI Male Leopard boa £450 3ft £450
3-4yr BCI Male Boa (Previous Burns) 4ft £120
CB20 Male Kenyan Sand Boa 75% Dodoma £160

Other Snakes:
CBB20 Male Normal Possible Het Albino African House Snake £75
CBB20 Female Albino African House Snake £99
CBB20 Male Normal Het Albino Diones Rat Snake £95
CB20 Female High White Banded Cali-King £169
CB20 Female D.gansi Egg Eating Snake (Ready Soon)

Bearded Dragons:
CB20 Juvenile Male Red Translucent 100% Het Zero, 100% Het Hypo £350 (toe nips)
CB21 Baby Stripe £250
CB21 Baby Translucent (Tail Kink) £250
8x CB21 Baby Unsexed Normals £200 each

Other Lizards:
2x LTC Spotted Spiny Tailed Iguana £100 each (Poss pair, 1 confirmed laying female)
LTC Star Agama male £35
CB20 Juvenile Unsexed True Yellow Ackie Monitor £300
CB20 Baby Unsexed Plumed Basilisk (From stunning parents) £95
CB20 Baby Unsexed Plumed Basilisk (Imperfect- From stunning parents) £75
2x Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks (not housed in store- ring/ message to arrange viewing)- £300 each (1 male, 1 female)
CF20 Unsexed Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink £230
CF20 Baby Bosc/ Savannah Monitor £89 (more available at Bourne end)
3x CF20 Chinese Water Dragons £49 each
WC Female Adult Fire Skink £TBC

Crested Geckos:
CB20 Juvenile Tiger Dashed Pinstripe £85
CB20 Juvenile Harlequin £90
CB20 Juvenile Male Harlequin £90
CB20 Juvenile Patternless £80
CB21 Baby Tiger £55 (tailless)
CB21 Baby Harlequin £60 (tailless)
CB21 Baby Extreme Harlequin £90
CB21 Baby Dark Patternless £60 (tailless)
2x CBB21 Baby Harlequin £80 each

Gargoyle Geckos:
CB20 Juvenile Banded (Orange Based Parents) £125 (slight spinal kink)
CB20 Juvenile Orange Stripe £200

Leopard Geckos:
CB Adult Male Super Hypo Baldy £110
CB Adult Male Jungle Designer £105

Other Geckos:
CB20 Baby Giant Madagascan Day gecko £75
CB21 Baby Tokay Gecko 50% Possible Het Patternless (Danny Craig Lineage) £149
2x CB20 Yellow Headed Geckos (L.picturatus) £75 each
CB20 New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Leachianus) Friedel GT X Unknown Locale £750
WC Fan Footed Geckos £25 each
CB21 Baby Mourning Geckos £25 each or 3 for £65
WC Adult Male Skunk Stripe African Fat Tailed Gecko (Regen tail) £85
CB21 Baby African Fat Tail Gecko Unsexed £95
2x CB21 Baby (Probable Female) Chameleon Geckos (Agricolae) £200 each

CB20 (Nov 20) Female Yemen Chameleons Low Pied/ Normal £75 each
CB20 (Nov 20) Female Yemen Chameleon (imperfect tail nip) £65
CB20 (Nov 20) Female Yemen Chameleons High Pied £150
3x CB21 Baby Male Yemen Chameleons £105 each
CB20 Sub-adult Female Panther Chameleons Ambilobe £75 each (Not currently housed in store, please message to arrange viewing/ collection)
CB21 Baby Male Panther Chameleons Ambilobe £299 each (Not currently housed in store, please message to arrange viewing/ collection)

1x CB20 Hermanns Tortoise £249 each or £199 when purchased with a kit (with paperwork)
Adult Male Horsefield Tortoise £199
Sub-adult Male Hermann's Tortoises (with paperwork) £225

5x Sub-Adult Painted Wood Turtles (Similar to Box Turtles) £79 each
2x Adult Musk Turtles £25 each
8x Baby Musk Turtles £45 each
1x Painted (Pink Belly) Sideneck Turtle £75

2x CB20 Baby Strawberry Horned/ Pacman Frog £65.99 each
CB20 Baby Lime Green Horned/ Pacman Frog £65.99 each
2x CB20 Baby Albino Horned/ Pacman Frogs £45 each
2x CB20 Baby Green Horned/ Pacman Frogs £35 each
CB20 Giant African Bullfrog £120
CB20 Baby Whites Tree Frog £25 each (Multiple available)
CB20 Juvenile Whites Tree Frogs £30 each (Multiple available)
*Dart Frogs*
3x Juvenile Azureus Dart Frogs £75 each or 3 for £210
4x CB20 Bumblebee Dart Frogs (D.leucomelas) £75 each or 3 for £210

Exotic Mammals:
None Available at Present (Litter of African Pygmy Hedgehogs due soon)
Male Sugar Glider £600

Millipedes/ Centipedes:
Scolopendra subspinipes Centipede £40 or £80 with enclosure

None available at present

2x Emperor scorpion £99 each

8yr Salmon Pink (L.parahybana) Female - £150
SA Female Gooty Sapphire (P.metallica) - £160
SA Male B.hamorii £50
Male P.regalis £49 or the pair for £120
Female P.regalis £89 or the pair for £120
*Grown on*
T.sabulosum - £60
B.smithi £75
Brazilian Red and White Stripe (N.chromatus) - £49
3x Common Pink Toe (A.avicularia) £49 each
Brazilian Salmon Pink bird eater (L.parahybana) - £7
1x carabina versicolor £45
X2 t. kahlenbergi £15
X1 b. Emilia £15
X1 stromatopelma calceatum £8
X1 c. Fimbriatus £15
B.hamorii (Red Knee) - £22.50 each
Rosea Rose (G.rosea) - £60
Trinidad Chevron (P.cambridgei) - £25
T.rasti - £23.99
P. Spp platyomma - £32
N.carapoensis - £15
1x N.chromatus - £25
B.smithi - £50 each
2x OBT Red Colour Form (P.murinus usambara) £12 each
1x OBT (P.murinus) £12 each
1x Mexican Red Rump (T.vagans) - £15 each
2x Brazilian Red and White (N.chromatus) - £10 each
3x Java Tree Spider (P. Sp.rufus) - £20 each
Martinique Pink Toe (C.versicolor) - £45 each
Pumpkin Patch (H.formosus) £5 each

2x Indo Hermit Crabs £25 each (large specimens)
1x Ruggie Hermit Crab £14.99
Strawberry Hermit Crabs £30 each
Blueberry Hermit Crabs £25 each
Normal Giant African Land Snails £10 each
Cuban Snails (P.marginella semiaperta) £3.49 each
Cuban Snails (P.marginella marginella) £3.49 each
Nigeria Snails (C.dautzenbergi) £6.99 each
Sun Beetles - £4 each or 3 for £12
Sun Beetles (Aemula) - £5 each or £12 for 3
2x Macleays Stick Insects £10 each
5x Lichen Macleays Stick Insects £17.50 each

For more information about any of our animals please message us :)
Please note that we will ask for proof of a suitable setup if not purchasing one from us before letting any of our animals go.
Delivery by ourselves is available for most animals ranging in price based on distance, please message for a quote.
AAL License Maximum 5 Star Rating Number 20/00985/ANIMAL

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