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Balance International Frank Baines Matrix GPJ Saddle
If you are viewing this saddle you may know all about Balance International Saddles - If not please have a look at their website especially the Matrix saddle information and how the Pro-complete pads work.
Please see further below for an overview of this saddle taken from the Balance website.
Balance International Saddle made by Frank Baines.
Black - Matrix GPJ (General Purpose Jump). Regular width - C seat length - with C and D rings.
Balance international saddle sizes are not the same as traditional saddle sizes - This saddle size is equivalent to a Wide traditional saddle 17"/ 17.5" - I know this because my Horse was fitted out for a Wide traditional saddle prior to being fitted out for a Balance saddle.
This saddle is barely used from new and in excellent condition. Slight scuffing on the right hand side where the Stirrups have been stored at the top of their leathers.
Complete with Balance saddling system manual, Adjustable/removable knee blocks, Libbys carrying handle and Balance saddle cover
Cost to buy the Matrix saddle new from Balance International £2076
The following information has been taken from the Balance International website to give you an overview of this saddle. More information on the website:
“BALANCE saddle trees differ from traditional saddle trees in order to accommodate the width and shape of a healthy equine back when moving in a bio-mechanically correct way. The Matrix has the tree 'points' removed which offers the horse more freedom through the shoulder area etc. The shape at the front of the saddle is open and more closely resembles an inverted U shape rather than the commonly seen, inverted V. It also has a slight flare at the front to allow the movement of the shoulder area. The widths available are complementary to the shape of healthy, well developed and engaged equine backs.In practical terms, these backs are much wider than many conventional makes of saddle. The design allows maximum range of shoulder/front leg movement. The panels provide a generous bearing surface. The shape of the underside of the saddles is relatively flat, from front to back and side to side. The panels are constructed from a variety of materials that are designed to create a comfortable interface between the tree and the horse. The saddles all have a generous gullet (channel) to create a safe zone either side of the vulnerable spineous processes along the middle of the back. The stirrup bars are not recessed, in order to protect the horse from pressure points caused by the bar itself or the stirrup leather. They have 3 widely spaced girth straps (billets), each on separate webs, to give a good distribution of pressure along the length of the tree. This arrangement also helps to accommodate different girthing positions needed by certain horses. - From the riders' perspective this means that 'her' side of the saddle contains the following design features: Relatively flat seat profiles to avoid allow the rider to find their own BALANCE and stability. Adjustable/removable knee blocks to fine tune comfort for the rider”
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