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many amp models & effects & cab sims NEW
A monster head with all the power you could possibly use, piles of models, and killer effects.
The unbelievably authentic amp tones of the Line 6 Vetta II Amp Head are based on a world-class collection of vintage and modern amps.
Combine them with models of the most sought after stompboxes to ever hit a pawn shop, plus a rack's worth of studio-grade post-processing gear, and you're halfway there.
Vetta II also provides the unique Two Amps at Once feature, which allows you to use any 2 amp and cabinet models either independently or simultaneously.
300W stereo power section can cut through the most demanding performance situations, and also features elaborate pro connections to make it the perfect recording rig.
Plus, a direct digital Variax Modeling Guitar input seamlessly integrates Variax's collection of guitars with Vetta II's collection of amps, cabs, and effects.
Add an FBV pedal board, and this entire setup can be transformed into virtually any rig you can imagine with just the press of a footswitch. Vetta II amplifier head is the ultimate guitar rig.
Vetta II Features
2X150-watts stereo
70+ classic and modern amp models – choose any two to best fit your song
27 speaker cabinet models – mix and match with amp models to create a truly unique combination
Over 50 stompbox and studio effects models (including filter and synth) – color your sound any way you like
A.I.R.™ II with 6 different mic models and positions – adjust the room ambience to add more vibe to your sound
Unique Line 6 features like Two Amps at Once and Double Tracker – sound bigger than you ever thought possible
Wet/Dry cabinet support – preserve the integrity of your amp tone while using multiple effects
Supports Digital and Analog Re-Amping – record a dry signal and change your sound after it has been recorded
Stereo XLR balanced +4dBu direct outputs (with ground lift switch) – patch directly into a mixing board or PA
Stereo 1/4-inch unbalanced –10dBV direct outs – another way to patch directly into a mixing board or PA
AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital audio ins and outs (up to 24-bit/96k) – record your guitar at the highest resolution possible
Variax digital guitar input – provide power to your Variax and adds guitar models to your setup
Saves Variax settings in each patch – change entire rigs with the press of a button
1/4-inch programmable stereo effects loop – add even more of your own effects
MIDI in and out – full MIDI implementation to go even deeper
Chromatic Tuner – stay in tune with our most accurate tuner ever
Vetta II Amp Models:
Bypass (no amp)
Line 6® Tube Preamp
Line 6® Variax® Acous
Line 6® Piezacustic1
Line 6® Piezacustic2
Line 6® Clean
Line 6® Super Clean
Line 6® Sparkle
Line 6® Super Sparkl
Line 6® Sparkle Clean
Line 6® Twang
Line 6® Bayou
Line 6® Class A
Line 6® JTS-45
Line 6® Mood
Line 6® Purge
Line 6® Crunch
Line 6® Throttle
Line 6® Chemical X
Line 6® Smash
Line 6® Spinal Puppet
Line 6® Fuzz
Line 6® Chnk Chnk
Line 6® Big Bottom
Line 6® Treadplate
Line 6® Lunatic
Line 6® Agro
Line 6® Insane
Line 6® Octone
'02 Bomber X-TC based on* Bogner® '02 Ecstasy
'02 Bomber Uber based on* Bogner® '02 Uberschall
'01 Zen Master based on* Budda® '01 Twinmaster
'03 Connor 50 based on* Conford '03 mk50h
'03 Deity Crunch based on* Diezel® '03 VH4-Crunch
'03 Deity Lead based on* Deizel '03 VH-4-Lead
'03 Deity's Son based on* Diezel® '03 Herbert
'02 ANGEL P-Ball based on* ENGL® '02 Powerball
'53 Fn Tweed Small Tweed based on* Fender® ‘53 Tweed Deluxe Reverb®
'58 Fn Tweed B-Man based on* Fender® '58 Bassman®
'61 Fn Tweed Tiny Tweed based on* Fender® '61 Tweed Champ®
'63 Fn Black Vib Verb based on* Fender® '63 Vibroverb
'64 Fn Black Lux based on* Fender® '64 Deluxe Reverb®
'65 Fn Black Double based on* Fender® '65 Twin Reverb®
'67 Fn Black Dual Show based on* Fender® '67 Dual Showman® Head
'72 Fn Silver Bass Head based on* Fender® '72 Bassman® Head
'96 Fn Mini Double based on* Fender® '96 Mini Twin Reverb®
'60 Gibtone Explorer based on* Gibson® '60 GA-18 Explorer
'60 G-Brand Two-Tone based on* Gretsch® '60 6156
'73 Hiway 100 Custom based on* Hiwatt® '73 Custom 100
'65 Brit Plexi J-45 based on* Marshall® '65 JTM-45
'68 Brit Plexi Lead 100 based on* Marshall® '68 Super Lead
'68 Brit Plexi Bass 100 based on* Marshall® '68 Super Bass
'68 Brit Plexi Jump Lead based on* Marshall® '68 S Ld (jumpered)
'68 Brit Plexi Variac based on* Marshall® '68 Variac Plexi
'69 Brit Plexi Lead 200 based on* Marshall® '69 Major
'87 Brit Gain J-800 based on* Marshall® '87 JCM 800
'87 Brit Gain Silver J based on* Marshall® '87 Silver Jubilee
'68 Brit Gain JM Pre based on* Marshall® '96 JMP-1
'92 Brit Gain J-900 Clean based on* Marshall® '92 JCM-900-Clean
'92 Brit Gain J-900 Dist based on* Marshall® '92 JCM-900-Dist
'03 Brit Gain J-2000 based on* Marshall® '03 JCM 2000
'96 Match Chief based on* Matchless '96 Chieftain
'93 Match D-30 based on* Matchless '93 DC-30
'85 California Crunch based on* Mesa/Boogie® '85 Mark IIC+
'01 California Treadplate based on* Mesa/Boogie® '01 Dual Rectifier®
'01 CaliforniaDiamondPlate based on* Mesa/Boogie® '01 Triple Rectifier®
'02 Missippi Criminal based on* Peavey® '02 5150 II
'87 Jazz Clean 120 based on* Roland® '87 Jazz Chorus
'67 Wishbook Silver 12 based on* Silvertone® '67 Twin Twelve
'93 Hi Gain Solo 100 based on* Soldano '93 SLO
'63 Super O Pawnshop based on* Supro® '60s S6616
'62 Super O Thunder based on* Supro® '62 Thunderbolt
'61 Class A C-15 based on* Vox® '61 AC-15
'67 Class A C-30 TB based on* Vox® '67 AC-30 Top Boost
Line 6 Boutique #1 based on* POD® 2.0 based on* Model of the Dumble® Overdrive Special
Line 6 Modern Hi Gain #1 based on* POD® 2.0 based on* a Soldano X88R
05 Brit Gain Eighteen based on* Marshall® 1974X Reissue
63 Class A C-30 Fawn based on* Pre Top-Boost Vox® AC-30
05 Citrus D-30 based on* Orange® AD30TC Channel 1
01 J-2000 & Germ based on* Marshall® JCM2000 DSL w/Deep Switch
Vetta II Cabinet Models:
No Cab
1x6 Super O based on* 1x6x9 Supro® '60s S6616
1x8 Tweed based on* 1x8 Fender® '61 Tweed Champ®
1x10 Gibtone based on* 1x10 Gibson® '59 GA-18 Explorer
1x10 G-Brand based on* 1x10 Gretsch '60 6156
1x12 Tweed based on* 1x12 Fender® ‘53 Tweed Deluxe Reverb®
1x12 Blackface based on* 1x12 Fender® '64 Deluxe Reverb®
1x12 Line 6 based on* 1x12 Line 6® Cabinet
1x12 California based on* 1x12 Mesa/Boogie® '85 Mark IIC+
1x12 Class A based on* 1x12 Vox® '61 AC-15
1x15 Thunder based on* 1x15 Supro® '62 Thunderbolt
2x2 Mini T based on* 2x2 Fender® '96 Mini Twin Reverb®
2x12 Zen Master based on* 2x12 Budda® ‘01 Twinmaster
2x12 Blackface based on* 2x12 Fender® '65 Twin Reverb®
2x12 Line 6 based on* 2x12 Line 6® Cabinet
2x12 Match based on* 2x12 Matchless '96 Chieftain
2x12 Jazz based on* 2x12 Roland® '87 Jazz Chorus
2x12 Wishbook based on* 2x12 Silvertone® '67 Twin Twelve
2x12 Class A based on* 2x12 Vox® '67 AC-30 Top Boost
4x10 Tweed based on* 4x10 Fender® '58 Bassman®
4x12 Hiway based on* 4x12 Hiwatt® '73 Custom 100 Cabinet
4x12 Line 6 based on* 4x12 Line 6® Cabinet
4x12 Green 20's based on* 4x12 Marshall® '67 Cab w/ Celestion® Greenbacks
4x12 Green 25's based on* 4x12 Marshall® '68 Cab w/ Celestion® Greenbacks
4x12 Brit T75 based on* 4x12 Marshall® Cab w/ Celestion® G12-T75’s
4x12 Brit V30's based on* 4x12 Marshall® Cab w/ Celestion® Vintage 30’s
4x12 Treadplate based on* 4x12 Mesa/Boogie® '01 Cabinet
4x12 HiGn SOLO based on* 4x12 Soldano '93 Cabinet
Vetta II Mic Models:
SM-57 based on* Shure® SM57 On Axis
SM-57 Off Axis based on* Shure® SM57 Off Axis
MD-421 based on* Sennheiser® MD 421 On Axis
MD-421 Off Axis based on* Sennheiser® MD 421 Off Axis
U-67 based on* Neumann® U 67 On Axis
U-67 Off Axis based on* Neumann® U 67 Off Axis
Vetta II Distrotion Stompboxes:
Facial Fuzz based on* Arbiter Fuzz Face®
Tube Drive based on* Chandler Tube Drive®
Fuzz Pi based on* Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®
Screamer based on* Ibanez® TS-808 Tube Screamer®
Octave Fuzz based on* Tycobrahe® Octavia®
Classic Dist based on* ProCo Rat
Metal Z based on* Boss® MT-2 Metal Zone®
Line 6® Gain Boost
Vetta II Modulation Stompboxes and Pitch Shift Modulation Post Effect Models:
Jet Flanger based on* A/DA Flanger
Analog Chorus based on* Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
Phaser based on* MXR® Phase 90
U-Vibe based on* Univox Uni-Vibe®
Line 6® Lumpy Phase
Line 6® Sine Chorus
Line 6® Square Chorus
Line 6® Expo Flange
Line 6® Random Chorus
Analog Square based on* Square CE-1 Chorus
POD Purple X
Line 6® Random S&H
Line 6® Tape Eater
Opto Trem based on* Fender® '65 Twin Tremolo
Bias Trem based on* Vox® '67 AC-30 Tremolo
RotaryDrum + Horn based on* Leslie® 145 Rotary Speaker
RotaryDrum based on* Fender® Vibratone
Line 6® Stereo Chorus
Line 6® Stereo Flange
Line 6® Hi Talk
Line 6® Sweeper
Line 6® Warble-Matic
Line 6® Auto Panner
Vetta II Dynamic Stompboxes:
Blue Comp based on* Boss® CS-1 Compression Sustainer
Blue Comp Treb based on* Boss® CS-1 w/ treble switch on
Red Comp based on* MXR® Dynacomp
Vetta Comp
Vetta Juice
Line 6® Auto Swell
Vetta II Synth/Filter Stompboxes:
Synth Lead based on* Moog® Lead
Synth String based on* ARP/Solina Strings
Synth Analog based on* Moog® and ARP
Line 6® Synth FX
Line 6® Buzz Wave
Line 6® Rez Synth
Line 6® Ring Modulator
Line 6® Double Bass
Line 6® Synth Harmony
Auto Wah based on* Mu-tron® III Up
Dingo-Tron based on* Mu-tron® III Down
Line 6® Filter Sweep
Vetta II Tremolo Post Effect Models:
Opto Trem based on* Fender® '65 Twin Tremolo
Bias Trem based on* Vox® '67 AC-30 Tremolo
Vetta II Gate/Post Compressor Effect Models based on*:
Noise Gate
Studio Compressor per amp
Vetta II Post EQ Effect Models based on*:
4 Band Graphic EQ/Amp
Studio Compressor per amp
Vetta II Delay Post Effect Models:
Analog Echo based on* Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay
Analog w/Mod based on* Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man
Tube Echo based on* Maestro® EP-1 Echoplex
Tape Echo based on* Maestro® EP-3 Echoplex
Multi-head based on* Roland® RE-101 Space Echo
Echo Platter based on* Binson EchoRec
Line 6® Digital Delay
Line 6® Reverse Delay
Line 6® Low Rez Delay
Line 6® Phaze Eko
Line 6® Sweep echo
Line 6® Bubble Echo
Line 6® Ping Pong Delay
Line 6® Stereo Delay
Ducking Delay based on* T.C. Electronic® 2290
Vetta II Reverb Post Effect Models:
Lux Spring based on* Fender® '64 Deluxe Spring
Std Spring based on* Fender '65 Twin Reverb® Spring
Line 6® Spring
Line 6® Small Room
Line 6® Large Room
Line 6® Studio
Line 6® Tiled Room
Line 6® Memphis Plate
Line 6® Foil Plate
Line 6® Blue Plate
Line 6® Bingo Hall
Line 6® Concert Hall
Line 6® War Memorial
Line 6® Hangar 18
Line 6® Propellerverb
Line 6® Radioverb
Vetta II Wah Effect Models:
Chrome based on* Vox® V846
Chrome Custom based on* Vox® Clyde McCoy(Fassel Inductor)
Conductor based on* Maestro® Boomerang
Weeper based on* Arbiter Crybaby
Line 6® Original
Colorful based on* Colorsound® Wah-Fuzz
Bones based on* TMC Real McCoy
Vetta II Other Effect Models:
Foot Controlled Pitch Shift based on* Digitech® Whammy®
NOT INCLUDED BUT IF YOU Add an FBV Foot Controller:
Dedicated channel switches – use one amp, two, or both
Dedicated effects on/off switches – use the effects only when they’re needed
Large name display – easy to see on stage
Wah pedal with toe switch on/off – a dedicated wah is always at your feet
Volume pedal – control the dynamics of your sound
Chromatic digital tuner – that accurate tuner is now at your feet
Tap Tempo – now your delays will match the tempo of your song
No wall-wart—powered by Vetta II
Also works with FBV4™ and FBV Shortboard™
in its original shipping box with manual book & power lead

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