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Free range Pol (16/20weeks ) fully vaccinated and wormed pullets - can expect eggs anyday now optimal egg laying between 25-26 weeks of age

The following breeds are available:

Light Sussex - normal egg colour
Silver Sussex - normal egg colour
Amber - large, pastel egg colour - very docile birds
White leghorn -large white eggs
Black Sussex ( Medici) - normal to brown eggs
Black rocks - brown eggs
Cuvree ( French copper Moran hybrid) - dark brown eggs ) ( 16 weeks old)
Speckled Moran and pied - brown and brown Speckled brown eggs
Goldlines a prolific layer of brown eggs
Black tails - large brown eggs
Bluebell - large light brown egg
Skylines - mainly blue/green or pastel egg layers ( take a little longer to reach pol these are a cream legbar/columbine cross) £25

Pure breeds both large fowl and bantams also available from £25

Poultry feed 20kg from £7.15 for mixed corn, 8.20 free range layers pellets and £8.80 Garden blend

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Private Advert
Hybrid chickens
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3 months