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I do some great deals and offers on group buys of Malawi fish to stock your tanks or you can buy them singly.
This is a new list of the Haps and Peacock offer I have running now. There are some amazing breeds of fish in the offer and they are all a good size from 4/5 cm or just over. You will never buy tiny fry from us. All fish are in good condition, healthy and well looked after. We can now take card payments to make your purchase easier. Contact us if you want to ask anything.
Aulonocara Red Rubin Peacock 4 - 5 cm
Aulonacara Orange Blotch Peacock, stunning colours 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Regal blue stuartgranti mbenji peacock 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Baenschi 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Maylandi Sulphur Head 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Jacobfriebergi 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Pink Albino fire fish. 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Fire fish. 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Peacock-Gold Red Eye 4 - 5 cm
Aulonocara Peacock Dragon blood The males are very red 4 - 5 cm
Cyrtocara moori Dolphins. 4 - 4 cm
Nimbochromis livingstonni 4 - 5 cm
Nimbochromus Venustus 4 - 5 cm
Copadichromis borleyi red fin 4 - 5 cm
Protomelas fenestratus "steveni tiger" 4 - 5 cm
Haplochromis milomo Super VC-10 hap 4 - 5 cm
Sciaenochromis fryeri/ahli 4 - 5 cm
I have yet again another fantastic offer from Wet Pets Solihull . We are offering 20 Aulonocara and haps all are a good size at between 4 - 5 cm and some are showing fantastic colours already. There are some fantastic breeds in the offer and all listed below. The price will only be £80.00 for the 20 this is a fantastic offer and a great price for the size and quality of fish you will be buying. These are great to fill your tank or to start a new set up off and I would not advise them to be put in with bigger fish though. If you do not want to buy 20 fish in one go you can buy 10 for £45.00 or they are £5 each.
This deal is staying
For sale I have a brilliant offer of 20 juvenile Malawi cichlids all over 1 inch or more in size. So you can clearly see what breed of fish you are buying. They are feeding on crushed flake food and are very lively and growing fast. The fish are all stunning and from pure bred cichlids no hybrids. There are more than several different breeds with more being bred each day as we have over 40 tanks with more than 60/70 different pure breeds of Malawis, Tanganyikans and Victorian Cichlids, Most of our breeding groups are either wild caught, F1 or fantastic tank bred sources from all over. This is some of what we have at the moment but demand is high and the details could change so the list will be updated accordingly..
Maylandia estherae OB Zebra Cichlid 4 - 5 cm
Maylandia greshakei Albino Red Top Ice Blue Cichlid 4 - 5 cm
Maylandia lombardoi (Kenyi) 4 - 5 cm
Maylandia Red zebra. 4 - 5 cm
Iodotropheus Sprengerae Rusty Cichlid 4 - 5 cm
Labidochromis caeruleus Yellow lab. 4 - 5 cm
Melanochromis johanni 4 - 5 cm
Melanochromis auratus 4 - 5 cm
Pseudotropheus socolofi Powder blue 4 - 5 cm
Pseudotropheus socolofi Albino Snow white cichlid 4 - 5 cm
Pseudotropheus Yellow Tail Acei Cichlid 4 - 5 cm
Pseudotropheus cobalt blue 4 - 5 cm
Pseudotropheus crabro 4 - 5 cm
The cost for 20 juveniles is only £45.00. If you don't want to buy the 20 and only want a few fish, you can have 10 for £25 or you can buy 4 juveniles at 4 for £12.00 or the price is £3.25 each per fish. These fish are ideal for a starter tank or to go in a grow on tank and NOT with full grown adult fish. It is a pick of fish and I will advise what fish are best with what :)
Some of the F1 and spectacular hard to find tb fish I have for sale.
Get your orders in to avoid disappointment :)
Melanochromis chipokae F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Melanochromis spec. Maingano F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Melanochromis Johanni F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia fletti red top F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia Zebroides (afra) Cobwe 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia afra F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia afra white top F1 cm 4-5 £7.00
Cynotilapia afra red top chewere F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia afra edwardzi F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia afra Hara gallireya reef F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Cynotilapia Zebroides afra Jalo F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus elongatus "Mpamga" F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus aurora F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus elongatus neon spot F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus demasoni F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus elongatus ornatus Tanzanian F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus flavus 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus saulosi 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus sp.polit Lions Cove F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus spec. Red top Ndumbi F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudo Zebra Gold Lions Cove O/B female F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Pseudotropheus williamsoni/blue lips 4-5 cm £10.00
Labidochromis sp. Perlmutt' 4-5 CM £7.00 each
Labidochromis hongi super red 4-5 cm £7.00
Labidochromis hongi Island F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labidochromis hongi red top Kimpuma F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labeotropheus trewavasae Chilumba F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labidochromis sp.mbamba yellow fin F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labeotropheus fuelleborni marmelade Cat F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labeotropheus trewassae Marmalade Cat F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labidochromis blue/white Tanzanian F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Labidochromis chisumulae chizumulu F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima spec.Msobo Magunga F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima zebra gold Kawanga F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima red red Zebra 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima sp. Daktari 4-5 cm £7.00 each
Metriaclima sp. Zebra Fenzbreli Maison reef F1 4-5 cm £10.00
Metriaclima sp .Membe Deep Likoma F1 4-5 cm £10.00
Metriaclima sp. Kingsizei lupingu Blue F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima hajomaylandi chizmulu F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima sp. Elongatus "Chailosi" F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima sp. Elongatus. Chewere F1 4-5 cm £7.00
Metriaclima sp. "lime nkhomo" F1 4-5 cm £7.00 NEW
Melanochromis johanni chisumulae F1 4-5 CM 7.00
Pseudotropheus tropheops Red Fin Usisya F1 4-5 cm 700
Pseudotropheus tropheops red fin F1 4-5 cm 7.00
Pseudotropheus spec. acei yellow tail F1 4-5 cm 7.00
Pseudotropheus spec. acei white tail Ngara F1 4-5 cm 7.00
Pseudotropheus joanjohnsonae Cichlid 4-5 cm £7.00
Bulk Deals
All £7 Fish are £7 each or 4 for £25 it doesn't have to be 4 of one kind of fish. You can mix and match.
Or you can have a great offer of 10 x rarer fish that are £7 of your choice for just £60.
The £10 fish are £10 each or 4 for £38.
Here are a few Tanganyikan I have for sale. They are all Juvies
Leleupi, Orange Leleupi Cichlid, Gold Leleupi 4/5 cm £7 each
Altolamprologus compressiceps mabilibili orange 4/5 cm £7 each
Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy Cichlid 3/4 cm £5 each
Cyprichromis leptosoma utinta 4/5 cm £7 each
You will not get tiny fry that you can hardly see or identify. I only sell nice size juveniles of over 1 inch or more in size.
You are welcome to come and see us. Thank you for looking. We have some good news as I can now take card payments to make things a bit easier for some of our customers.

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