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Forever home for unwanted small exotic animals and birds

This advert is located in and around Bristol, England

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Hi there,
My family and I have years of experience with all kinds of animals between us, including birds, reptiles, fish and rodents, as well as many many more! Over the years we have taken in many animals, whether they were unwanted, neglected, abused, fussy eaters, in poor health, retired, old, or their owners just couldn't look after them anymore due to changes in circumstances.

All animals we have taken in stay with us for a loving, forever home. They will not be sold on, passed on or bred from and will be treated like family as well as being spoilt rotten! We are firm believers that any animal bought into someone's home should be considered as part of the family, not just an object or a toy.

We can currently take in chinchillas, Pygmy Hedgehogs and other small exotic mammals, pond fish, birds - such as parrots (parakeets, rosellas, lovebirds, macaws, African greys, etc), small aviary birds (finches, canaries etc) & birds of prey, and reptiles - more so lizards such as skinks, rankins, beardies, geckos, etc. Also tortoises, and amphibians though would consider smaller species of snake such as sand boas or possibly royal Pythons if I have available space.

I'm also happy to work with reptiles (or any other animal) that can be rather grumpy or sometimes aggressive as I took in an adult tegu (over 3ft long lizard) in March (2017) who'd never been handled before and came from an abusive home and got her puppy tame in 6 months.

However, we are open to most animals so just leave a message and ask!

Please note: I don't take in large snakes, ie retic Pythons etc due to the viv size they need, nor can I take in any more tegus or monitors for the same reason. I can no longer offer homes to any more turtles or terrapins either.

I am currently ONLY able to take in animals with their current set up, as my empty set ups have been filled up due to the recent high demand in animals needing a new home or being rescued. Though I am more than happy to upgrade sets ups and any equipment if needed.

If you can no longer take care of your pet for any reason, and would rather it live in a homely environment for the rest of it's life, rather than a rescue or a shelter and be passed pillar to post, please don't hesitate to contact me and if I can help I will. If I'm unable to offer your pet a home myself I may be able to help you find someone who can if you so wish. (Please note if I help you find an alternative home, these will NOT be with people intending to make a profit from your animals. Most are homes with experience with the animal in question, and if they are not then they have thoroughly researched them.
All of our animals are spoilt and treated as our own family, and we do not and will not profit from them in any way. I also primarily work from home so have plenty of time to spend with them. All of my animals receive regular vet checks, and if necessary, receive treatment as soon as it's required, so please do not think this is freebie hunting! I would rather offer my help to these animals than see them abandoned or worse, and I am more than happy and able to pay for whatever costs they will require.

I'm also more than happy to keep in touch with you should you wish to enquire about how your former pet is doing in the future, as I understand it's hard to let go of a much loved pet.

I get a lot of messages from owners in need of help and try my best to reply to all, but if you are asking me to take an animal I've already mentioned above that I cannot take, or if you are further away than the distance I've mentioned below and wanting me to take your animal, you're unlikely to get a reply. Any alternative homes I recommend are generally within locality to me too. If you do not get a reply within 3 days please assume I don't have any current space available, (obviously this does not include alternative homes if you ask me to help you find one!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

I'm based in the Chew Valley area, near Bristol, and am happy to travel within 15-20 miles of Chew Valley but I do have to rely on someone else for transport!

Please note: We have had multiple break in's in the past and had animals stolen, for this reason we do not give tours of the animals we have if anyone happens to bring an animal to us, so please understand and respect that our priority is to keep our property and the animals here safe.

For additional info please see my other ad.

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