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Freddie is true to type with a nice flat face, double curl tail and small compact body, proven to produce fawn and apricot puppies.
Holding 16 champions in his 5 generation pedigree.
Freddie has been health tested clear for Patella luxation 0/0 and Hemivertabrae screened clear.
Artificial insemination breedings only for the time being due to This being Freddie’s preferred way to do the breeding.
£150 for 1 mating
£200 for 2 matings
Free 3rd mating if required
I also offer a free ultrasound scan from 4 weeks after the
mating to confirm pregnancy , a small clip and pictures can be provided.
Free return on the next season only if I scan your girl not to be in pup unless otherwised agreed due to the traveling distance.
Sorry no home boarding due to me finding this can be quite stressful on my boys and the visiting girl.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
*please note my home is under 24hr CCTV this is purely for the safety of my pets.

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Business Advert
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Current Age
3 years
Kennel Club Registered
Yes - Breed Register
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