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African Giant Black Millipedes are beautiful, extremely docile, moisture-loving giants that make the perfect pet arthropod! These millipedes have the ability to curl themselves up into a ball if disturbed,. African Giant Black Millipedes are some of the largest millipedes in the world, if not the largest. They can grow to be as thick around as your thumb.. African Giant Black Millipedes should be the first millipede considered if you are a newcomer to the hobby.
Range Tropical and sub-tropical western Africa.
Type Terrestrial, but will burrow to some extent.
Diet Babies and adults eat bananas, tomatoes, melons, romaine lettuce, apples, cucumbers, and other fruits and vegetables. Millipedes should have a supply of calcium added to their diet, like calcium powder, which can be purchased from most pet stores.
Full Grown Size 7.5 to 11 inches.
Growth Slow speed.
Temperature 75 to 85° F.
Humidity 75 to 80%.
Temperament Docile and calm.
Adults can live in a 5 to 10-gallon tank, depending on the size of the millipede. Millipedes can live communally. The tank should be twice as long, and at least as wide as the individual, or the largest millipede in the tank. Floor space is more important than height.
Substrate 3 to 4 inches of peat moss and potting soil, kept moist.
No decorations are really needed.
Collection is preferred however I can post for £5

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