Advert Description

Hello all, looking to downsize my collection, I have the following animals available, photos are available on request, please feel free to message! All can come with care sheets and advice, no set-ups available at this time, just the individual animals:

0.0.3 Tokay Gecko CB17 (Gekko Gecko) £25 each
0.1.4 Standing's Day Gecko CB17 (Phelsuma Standingi) £50 each or 2 for £90
0.1 Giant Day Gecko (Phelsuma Madagascariensis Grandis) £50 or pm me for details

0.0.25+ Various morphs of Axolotl CB17 (Ambystoma Mexican) £20-£25 each depending on morph

0.0.3 Spanish Ribbed Newt CB17 (Pleurodeles Watl) £10 each
2.0.0 Spanish Ribbed Newt CB14 (Pleurodeles Watl) £10 each

1.0 CB15 Corn Snake (Pantherophis Guttatus) £10
1.2 CB14 Corn Snake (Pantherophis Guttatus) £10 each
0.1 CB17 Normal Ball python (Python Regius) £15

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Current Age
6 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate