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***We’re half way between Huntingdon and Peterborough***

Stunning and super-efficient FLAVEL (part of the reknowned and respected LEISURE group who make high-auality, reliable domestic appliances) EMBERGLOW gas fire.

This elegant coal-effect gas fire belts out a truly incredible amount of heat for very little cost. Each KwH listed in the manual (please see photos) equals 1 KwH, or one unit of your gas, for every full hour you have it on. I think we pay slightly less than 3p per unit on our tariff, but obviously, yours may be either more or less. From memory, the efficiency of these fires is listed as something in the region of 74%, which is incredibly high for a gas appliance.

The incredible heat output and its super-efficiency is partly due to it being a convection heater. The heat comes out from vents around the top as well as directly from the front and sides through the glass.

We have used this fire maybe a total of no more than five times ever, simply because our kitchen is always warm enough without it and we just haven’t bothered using it. It is essentially unused. A brand new, ex-display fire would have more hours on the clock than this one has! It’s had more use as a place to put the post than it has had as a fire, and I mean that literally!

The glass alone for these fires costs around £110 to replace, and to buy the whole fire new is anything from just under £500 to a grand, depending on who you buy them from.

They are designed so that they can be used as a balanced flue fire (meaning you can have it against an outside wall with a flue that goes through the wall to the outside, like some boilers do, without needing a chimney), or as the type that stands in an existing fireplace with a working chimney.

Ours is set up in an existing fireplace, under a chimney, which isn’t immediately onbvious from the photos as the fireplace itself was boarded over, but if you look, you can see that the fire is against a chimney-breast. The room next to our kitchen, immediately behind the gas fire, has an open fireplace with working chimney.

The point is that you can have it installed in its current configuration as a stand-alone fire using an existing chimney, or, I suspect it could easily be converted by means of a kit to turn it into a balanced-flue fire. I’m not a gas engineer, but this is my understanding after reading up about this particular fire. Pls check for yourself to see whether it is suitable for your current chimney/ fireplace situation, or whether you can get a kit to convert it to a balanced flue if needed, or if it possibly doesn't even need a conversion kit, just an external flue. I really don’t know what the conversion ability or requirement is, all I know is that a lot of homes have this fire as a balanced flue set-up, whilst others have it set up like ours is.

Ours is also set up to use natural gas, but again, this model was designed to be used with either natural gas or LPG, so I assume there are LPG conversion kits available, too, if you needed that.

The glass is unmarked. It is also completely removable (it just slides out, pls see photo of manual explaining this), so is very easy to clean. As I said earlier, the replacement glass alone is over £100.

The glass extends to side-panels, so you can enjoy the beauty of the flickering flames even if you aren’t looking at it directly from the front, which is lovely. It genuinely looks like a real coal fire because of the way the “coals” are displayed, and because of the side panels.

The body of this fire is beautiful jet black cast iron. Hugely stylish, monumentally durable, with absolutely zero damage to it whatsover. I think cast iron is one of those materials that is really very difficult to damage!

Ignition is automatic. You push in the numbered knob on the right hand side (as you look at it), turn it to 1, it lights, then you set the knob anywhere between 1 and 4. The photos mostly show it lit on 3 or 4, then I’ve added some photos of it completely off, plus a couple of it glowing as it cools down when you turn it off.

It has attractive silver coloured knobs on top of the pair of fluted columns to the front. The tops of these knobs are decorated in an art nouveau design, which I think is very attractive. Pls see photos for details of these.

Ours currently stands on a slate plinth, which is NOT included in the sale. Most people simply put them in their existing fireplace on the hearth.

The dimensions of this gorgeous unit are as follows: (all taken to the best of my ability)-

Across the base from pillar to pillar - just under 26 1/2” or 67cm.
Widest part of canopy - 25 1/2” or 65 1/2 cm.
Top flat part of canopy - 17 1/2” or 44.5cm x 7” or 17.8cm deep, plus the fitting behind it (see photo).
From wall to front of canopy edge - 13 1/4” or 33.5cm
Height - approx 29 1/4” or 74.5cm.
Fire opening - 19 1/2” or 49.5cm x 9” or 22.8cm

As you can probably tell from the floor in the photos, we are currently re-doing our kitchen. You are more than welcome to come and see the fire working for yourself, but we will be disconnecting it at some point fairly soon so that we can lay our replacement floor, so pls be quick if you want to see it working in person :)

It will take us about an hour to disconnect, so if you wanted to see it working and then wait for us to disconnect it for you, that’s fine with us.

If however you can’t collect it yourself, you are more than welcome to arrange your own courier to collect and transport it for, as long as you give us enough notice of their arrival for us to disconnect it without keeping them waiting.

First to see will buy - it’s an impressive fire! Cash on collection preferred.

If not cash on collection, then direct bank transfer is fine. PayPal is also fine, but I really resent being charged their fees, and don’t want to bump the price up to cover that, so let me know if PayPal is your preferred option.

I’m also selling my Britannia Classic range oven with 6 ring gas hob (including wok burner) plus electric multi-function oven and bottom storage shelf and adjustable legs. Cast iron pan supports, stainless steel hob surface, dark brown enamel oven outer, timer, clock, full-width grill pan. Cooks a huge amount of food, ideal for a family. Please contact me here if you’re interested. It’s been under British Gas Home Care for as long as we’ve had it, same as the fire. The colling fan is currently not working, but I understand these are relatively easy to replace if you know what you’re doing. It means that, at the moment, the oven and grill all work fine for about 20 mins, then the oven cuts out for a few minutes before resuming. Hob rings all absolutely fine, cooker in generally very good condition, no dents, scratches, chips, etc, only the inevitable black marks to the hob ring collars, which are easily replaced from any of a dozen different spares shops. Oven door had brand new hinges a almost year ago exactly (Jan/Feb 2017), oven light bulb has only ever needed replacing once. Comes with all shelves, and a cast iron grill-plate griddle thing that sits across two of the gas burners and which I’ve never used.

Pictures of the cooker will go up only after I’ve given it a good clean!

Any questions, please ask :)

Please look at all the photos I’ve put up for the fire - I’ve tried to cover everything, but if there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll put more photos up.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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