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Complete Vivarium setup - Has previously been used to house a Panther Chameleon and Geckos (at different times).
This setup includes:
*Two VivExotic AX24 Tall Vivariums in Beech complete with storage space underneath, one shelved, the other not. All together this unit measures 46" wide, 24" deep, 65" high (Not including the height from the water bucket on top)
These vivs have been customized. They originally came with the option to separate each viv into two different compartments, this is no longer an option, one does not come with the divider (I appear to have lost it as I had no use for it), the other divider has been cut in half and turned into a shelf to give an additional level to the open space.
The back and sides of both vivs have been lined with Coco background, the only part where this has come off is from general use and is on the outer side of the shelf.
These vivs have been bolted together and a hole has been cut out of the side of each to connect the two, turning them into one large viv that allows the reptile to move from one side to the other. This cutout has been lined with pond liner to prevent any moisture getting into the wood of the vivs.
The viv on the left has self adhesive little rubber feet which act as door handles and makes it easier to slide the glass across. However you could probably remove them if you wanted to.
The bottom of both vivs and the shelf has been lined with pond liner, filled with hydro balls and topped with Komodo Tropical Terrain Brick mixed with soil.
These vivs are in used condition so there is some damage: The bottom covering strip for the front of the left hand viv has come off, however I do still have it if you wish to glue it back on. There is the remains of a label stuck to the bottom of one of the shelves under the right hand viv, and there is a self adhesive mirrored mustache on the side of the viv, I'm sure with some effort both of these could be removed.
*Mist King - The pump has been fitted into the bottom of the left hand viv, there are two spray nozzles connected, one towards the top of each viv and the bucket for the RO Water has been placed on top of the viv. Included is the timer and any spare hosing, and a small bag of bits and pieces.
*2x Small Blue Water containers - I cannot remember what exact size they are.
*2x GLO Electronic T8 Double Ballast Units - one connected to each viv. Each unit has connections for two bulbs, these have been fitted at the top of the vivs, so there is a bulb at the front and back of each viv. These do currently have bulbs in them, however they are due to be replaced.
*Arcadia T8 light clips, unopened pack. This is to replace the broken clips in the back of the right hand viv.
*2x Ceramic lamp holders - one with bracket, the other without.
*2x Ceramic bulbs - WhitePython Ultra Slim 100W Ceramic Bulbs
*1x Heater Guard
*1x Light reflector - currently not installed in viv as I personally found it not necessary.
*2x Microclimate B2ME Thermostats - These control both Day & Night temperatures which can be set individually and is monitored via a light sensor. One is set up in each viv.
*2x Exo Terra Digital Thermometer readers - One in each viv, however one is in need of a new battery.
*Exo Terra Reptile Fountain - The pump does not work, I am unclear as to whether it is broken beyond repair or whether it is fixable. In all honesty I have not looked at it since it stopped working as I no longer had anything kept in the vivs at that time. If you are good with these kinds of things you may be able to get it working again, other than that a new pump would be required.
*All decoration within both vivs included: 2x Live plants (both are potted, however I cannot remember the name of the plant), a selection of branches, decorative vine and Cork Bark pieces. I also have a new unused pack of the Coco Background and a selection of scrap cut offs, as well as a small scrap piece of pond liner. You can also have the plug timers I have been using for both GLO light units.
At the moment the set up has remained as seen in the pictures, so if there is anything you would like better pictures of please let me know or if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

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