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This fourth edition of Life The Science of Biology Volume II Evolution, Diversity, and Ecology by Purves, Orians and Heller features:
- Intriguing chapter openers that combine arresting photos and text to spark interest at the outset, setting the stage for the material that follows
- Consistent icons and colour-coding to clarify illustrations. Icons are used to represent biologically important molecules, active forms of enzymes, and the activation and inhibition of pathways. Colour is used consistently throughout the text
- Dynamic visual paragraphs that dramatize important concepts in a way that the text alone cannot. These are flagged with marginal arrows so the student is able to refer to them readily
- Stunning photos capture the excitement of Life, illustrating concepts and enlivening the book's appearance
- Boxes describe fascinating biological phenomena, highlighting special interest topics and expanding the discussion of many issues
- New chapter summaries synthesize information in the text and the art. Important concepts are encapsulated in clearly written summary sentences, with references back to key illustrations
- Self Quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics in each chapter
This book is paperbacked and measures 27.5(L) X 22(W) X 1.5(D) cm
Condition: This book has not been read and has just been sitting on a shelf. It is subsequently in very good condition with no marked or torn pages

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