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Some of the pictures on this advert are of my previous kittens but the kittens which are available (see main photo) will look very much like the kittens on this advert.
I do sell kittens as pets and for breeding and all my cats are registered Active with the GCCF. My lines from the litter I have available are authentic! That means around 90% of breeders have full Pedigree kittens which was crossed 5 generations or more back with other breeds. The litter I have available have never had any outcross and the lines are traditional. 82% old English lines and 18% American lines and 100% traditional.

I require a deposit of £150 to secure kittens. Most of these are online transfers and deposits are only refunded if the kitten becomes unavailable from my end which is very rare.
All my kittens come from excellent lines and the quality of my kittens is outstanding. Raised on high protein foods and regular interaction to socialise the kittens. The temperaments on my kittens is brilliant. I spend lots of time interacting with the babies which brings out the best in the kittens and they gain a good bond with humans which gives them lots of confidence.
I've been a member on this website since 2010 so for those who still have insecurities leaving a online deposit, plz contact a different breeders. I only send pictures once every 2 weeks and I need to be reminded by a text. It's rare I send pictures of kittens until the kittens are over 3 weeks old. This is because the mums can sometimes get unsettled when disturbed and abandon the litter.

The kittens will leave with
5 generation Pedigree
4 weeks free insurance
Royal Cannin kitten pack
Flea and worm treated
Scratch post trained
Fully litter trained

The kittens will not leave vaccinated as it can make them unwell so we recommend you having the kittens vaccinated yourselves when the kittens are 15 weeks old and when the kittens are bigger and settled in the new home environment to reduce stress. We also recommend vaccines at 15 week old because the kittens develop a stronger immunity system and tolerate the vaccines much better at this age with hardly any symptoms.
Plz contact me for more information if required.

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10 weeks
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at 9 weeks
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