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Fancy and Performance Pigeons -Iranian, Fantails, Modenas, Laughers, Pouters etc

TOP Flying/Performing Birds:

* Iranian Toghi's - Lavenders, Blues, Black, White...
from £60 a pair

* Iranian Sineh - Yellow mottle male and black mottle male and black mottle female £100 for the 3

* Budapest Hiflyer Females - x2 self black & x1 Self Red £25 Each or 3 for £50 - Good Flyers

* x2 Pairs of Yellow West of England Tumblers big birds and good Flyers £30 a pair

* x4 Horseman Theif Pouters Males £20 each. (Very good flying working birds)

* x3 pairs of Horseman Theif Pouters £40-50 a pair
(Very good flying working birds)

* x3 pairs of VERY Rare Thai Laughing Pigeons ( Great Voices and beautiful sound) also few single males £25 each for single males and £70 a pair

* x1 Pair Portugese Tumblers (Red Male and Andlusion Female) £40

Beautiful Fancy Pigeons:

* x1 Pair of Kings - Lavender splash female and red Male

* Pure White American King Female - SOLD

* x1 Pair Modena's ( Dilute Cream laced Wing Female & Black Barred male) £40

* x1 Pair Modenas - Black Mottle Splash £45

* x3 pairs of Indian Fantails (Reds, Splash, Almond, Black Check)
FROM £35 a pair also have singles at £20 each - FEW BIRDS SOLD

Thankyou No Timewasters and Dreamers - Serious enquiries only and good homes
Will add more photos soon. All birds are od various ages with oldest Being from 2015 but majority are 2016 and 2017 and all are ready for breeding this season.
Thanks again

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Private Advert
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
14 months