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I have for sale the contents that's left from my old reptile room.
2 x 3ft wood vivs with lights and reptile radiator plates in.
1x 3ft plastic viv tek UK viv with led light strip and heat bulb in.
2x incubators
Around 30 heat reflector shades some brand new.
Around 10 heat guard cages some brand new.
4x reptile radiator pads
2x heat tubes with cages and fittings.
Loads of heat mats in few did rent sizes some brand new.
Around 10 hatchling tubs and few rubs.
A nebuliser and f10 solutions.
Bnq air conditioning unit with remote and ducting.
Verious thermostats most habbistat, 1 3 channel microclimate thermostat with night n day settings n timers, 1 twin channel microclimate twin chanel with lcd touch screen display.
Lots of hides and water bowls, some home made from bait tubs and plant pots but others exo terra.
6 different size feeding tongs, pinky press and spare tube.
Probing kit. Brand new snake bags, handling gloves.
Power packs and ballasts for u.v lights.
Around 6 brand new sunglo u.v bulbs.
Loads of different size an wattage ceramic bulbs and fair few standard heat light bulbs.
Loads of ceramic fittings, clamps all sorts, to much to list, there's even stuff for sprayer systems n a big rub full of thermometers, fittings,
extention leads, mesh for eggs viv locks ect.....
Hell of a lot of equipment at a job lot bargain price of £1000 the thermostats alone probably cost me more than that
So no offers! I also have a female boa that's under a year old that I'm selling with 1 of the 3ft plastic viv tek UK vivs with led light ceramic heat bulb with cage round it and habbistat thermostat that I am happy to let go as part of this deal so the deal will include 4 vivs but the boa must go with the viv. Thanks for looking

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Boa constricter
Current Age
10 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate