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Mrs Beeton’s Household Management
New revision (undated).
Collector’s Item
1680 pages including 16 colour plates and nearly 350 illustrations.
140mm by 215mm by 90mm approx..
1700g weight
A bible of its time, forming a complete guide to:
Cookery in all its branches, including Labour-saving, Renovations, Laundry Work, Hostess and Guest, Daily Duties, Menus and Menu-making, Mistres and Servant, Marketing and Accounts, Trussing and Carving, Table Decorations, Table Napkins, Care of Children, Sick Nursing, The Home Doctor, The Home Lawyer.
All pages secure, unmarked, and in very good condtion for its age.
No ISBN.Hardback
Published by Ward, Lock
& Co, London & Melbourne
Total weight 1700g

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Private Advert
Second hand
Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable