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Free to good home. You need a CPH number to own a pig.

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Micropigs from reliable breeder with 3 generations to view, including mother, grandmother and cousins from last year. Expected to be around 16 inches adult size. These guys are now available free to excellent homes (see below for why...)
These guys are left behind from a litter born in August.
They are currently 11 months old and are very small so far. Unfortunately due to personal illness in the summer I did not answer the phone and emails like I should have and it has meant they are still here awaiting their new homes. We have decided not to charge for these guys as more than anything we just want good homes for them.
They have still had the same vaccinations, neutering (boys have been castrated and girls will be spayed before they leave) and worming/parasite treatment as our piglets usually have. They are currently living the life of riley running around the whole of our 15 acre farm currently! But in the winter they will much prefer somewhere they get more attention than we can provide.
Due to the older age of these piglets we feel that they should be homed in pairs (unless you have a piggy already). Whilst piglets from these litters were homed to indoor pet homes as piglets, house training and teaching them how to behave appropriately in the house can be more challenging when they are older. If you have experience and feel that you could offer one of these older piglets an indoor home please chat to us about it. We may recommend you join the waiting list for a younger piglet (See our website for litters planned for 2018).
All piglets have had:
Vaccinations for Erysipelas and Clostridia (Lambivac)
Two ivermectin worming treatments
Males are all castrated under General anaesthetic at 4 weeks old (note - with this older group females will also be spayed before they leave).
Piglet Information Pack
1 weeks food
4 weeks insurance with Exotic Direct (we recommend you consider continuing this long term but it is not obligatory)
Long term back up and advice
Size: With many generations of consistently small pigs on both sides of this litter these piglets are expected to be around 16 inches at adult height. They are about the size of a Staffordshire bull terrier but pigs do weigh more than dogs per inch of height (you won’t be able to pick them up to cuddle when they are fully grown – but they may well still climb on your lap!).
Mum and Dad are 16 inches – Mum is a micropig and Dad is a Little Swedish Pig. Bjorn’s (Dad) parents were imported into the UK from Sweden by Wendy Scudamore – he is 5. Mum is from Maidstone Micropigs where great grandma and granddad still live - she is 3 and a half.
Other information
Legal Bits: You will need a CPH number to keep a pig – This allows the government to know where pigs are kept. This is obtained from APHA and takes a few weeks. Micropigs can be taken for walks away from your home, but you must apply for a license to do this also from the APHA. We can help you find this if needed.
Living Arrangements: We recommend that pigs live primarily in pairs. Any pair chosen will be sold with £50 off the pair. Pigs are extremely sociable animals and it is not fair for them to spend large portions of their life alone. We will occasionally make exceptions to this when your micropig will live in the house and there is someone at home with them a large proportion of the time (rather like a dog). Remember even if your micro pig lives in the house, they MUST have a secure outdoor pen/are to dig and play.
Pigs love to dig and it is important they are able to chill out and express their natural behaviour. We do sometimes request pictures of the pen to make sure that the pens are suitable before piglets go home as there is nothing worse than getting a call to say the piglets have escaped on their first day.
Feeding/Care: Correct feeding is absolutely essential for these little guys – they have a huge tendency to get obese if overfed and feeding too much too young can even increase their size and affect their growth and joints. We will provide a good food to change onto, and recommendations for ongoing feeding.
Piglets will also need to spend lots of time with you in the early weeks just like a puppy - training to walk on a harness (if you will use one), and to allow handling of feet/face/ears should your pig need his toe nails trimmed or ears cleaned etc. We offer annual vaccination clinics at the practice where I work and we recommend pigs continue to receive these where possible. Toe nail trimming and worming are also routine parts of caring for your pig. Pigs live for 10-15 years just like a dog - so make sure you can commit to your pet piglet just like you would for a puppy. They are intelligent lovely animals and raised well they are loyal, cheeky wonderful pets to have!

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