Advert Description

A 15:2 cob type , 13 year old gelding. A real character but not a novice ride for an experienced home only . He can be difficult horse to own will try all your patience but will also reward you with his talent. He sj, xc and dr he has equal talent in these areas. He has a good all round ability.
He also has been known to rear (when given to a new owner , they experienced his rearing and the other time is when held back once whilst out on a xc course) napp (shout at him and he stops) bucks (to avoid going forward whilst schooling but once he knows it doesn’t stop you ,he gives up) . Due to all of these evasion tactics he was X-ray to see if there was a pain related cause to the behaviours but apart from finding arthritic changes (common in a horse of that age)in his neck and hocks there was no evidence of any issues. He was also ridden, on the advice or the vet with painkillers for 2 weeks to see if it improved his behaviour there was no change. The only thing that ever improves his behaviour is an experienced rider the better the rider you are the less he performs to the extent that whennridden by an experienced rider no behaviours are displayed. He loves being ridden gets bored and distructive when not . He is field dominant and will try to kick you in a field if you try to catch him, this is easily remedied by giving him a treat or feed . Having said all these negative things he is an absolute pleasure to own and only for Rehoming as the rider can no longer ride due to health reasons . He builds a strong bond with the person that rides him and loves you intensely.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Cob type
152 hh
Current Age
13 years