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In around three months I shall be looking to rehome a healthy male panther chameleon.
I have a set up to rival any other and many a professional reptile keeper has shown their appreciation towards such a big and well set up viv.
It has a complete eco system with drainage that allows for excess water to be removed (rarely needed if at all) fully planted with chameleon friendly plants. Springtails,tropical woodlice, worms and other critters that keep the eco system just so. Full mist king system with large water reservoir at the top (full can last for weeks) brand new arcadia strip uv bulb and new heat bulb.arcadia plant growing at the bottom outside of viv to circulate air gently. Thermostat, humidity and temperature digital thermometers in hot and cold viv areas. Lots of vines. All situated in a 4ft by 6ft viv with mesh panels. Viv sits in a metal custom made tray to give peace of mind incase of water leaks or bug escapies.
I have owned my old chameleon for 4 years unfortunately he was very sick with liver tumours so recently has been put down. The exotic vet can give reference of my care for him and recommended i rehome an unwanted chameleon rather than buy one as i could offer an unwanted one such a quality home.
I would considering selling this viv for around the 3.5k mark with everything included..
It's custom made for the job and a lot of work and money went into it so I'd rather keep it and rehome a chameleon then sell it too cheap.

I also have a medium sized exo terra vivarium i could sell. (Was my chameleons first viv before i had a custom made jungle built for him)

If you want to rehome your chameleon somewhere you know he will be treated like a king, give me a message and we can chat.

If you are seriously interested in ether viv give me a message.
The large viv is huge and fully planted so VERY heavy and would take considerable moving.

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