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Our beautiful husky puppy wolfie is only 7 months old, & I'm so sad that we are already looking for a new home for him.
Unfortunately due to me going back to work and a relationship breakdown,
I have 3 kids and I'm struggling to find the time and attention this lovely boy deserves.
We attended 6 weeks puppy school with him, he sits, lays, paw.. And still young enough to absorb more training. etc. He has a good recall off the lead when you've made a connection with him and it's not a busy place with lots of distractions. He's used to being walked 40 mins to 2 or 3 hours everyday, which is what I'm struggling with at the moment with 3 kids at home.
He really needs someone who's got the time for him.
He can be left 4 to 5 hours before having any toilet accidents. He's fully crate trained but is only ever really put in it at night time,
He currently goes out with a dog walker on Thursdays for an hour, so he's been socialised with plenty of other dogs and never had any problems with any other dogs.
He's been great with my kids, although I've never left him unsupervised with them. he's been brought up with twin babies who are now 10 months and my older daughter who's nearly 8. He's so gentle around the babies but like I said never left alone with them.
This is heart breaking for me and my daughter..
I love coming home to him wagging his tail at me, I love throwing or kicking a ball for him and he brings it back to me.
He's abit jumpy when ever anyone comes to the house, but settles down after a while, we've put a stair gate on our kitchen for the initial welcoming untill he stops jumping.. He also I dunno if still teething, very gently nibbles at my sleeves, coat / dressing gown. He's never hurt me doing It, I don't no if it's teething or to get my attention or he's just picked it up as a bad habit. I'm sure he can be taught not too.
He's had all his vaccinations up to date, all he's flee and worming monthly.
We started him off on a raw food diet from the day he came home. And that's mostly what he's had. He will eat tinned dog food but he'd prefer a meat diet.he has atm to meals a day. And biscuits and water down all day. He loves an occasional bit of cheese too.
He really is a lovely lovely dog. But as much as I can afford him, and his food and all the things that comes with him and as much as we all love him, & everyone keeps telling me what a fantastic behaved puppy you have... I'm trying to think what Is best for him and I'm struggling to get him out everyday.. I've managed it so far, but he's used to getting an hour or two and due to changed circumstances now, I'm having to get people to watch my kids while he's gets half hour round the block and it's making me feel so guilty.. It's not the life I wanted for him.
We paid £950 for him, and put him though puppy school and done all his jabs.
I'd be looking to get £600 for him.. But I happy to accept a reasonable offer if someone could provide him with a loving forever home.

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