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RONDY generator bought in France in 2008 and used in the field to power a Balck and Decker electric drill when doing work on my boat eg drilling holes for fittings.

it has probably had only two tanks of fuel in its whole life, as I would fill it with a quarter tank, do the work required turning the genny on and off, here and there, and then when boat ready after a few days, would siphon the fuel tank out and run it until it stopped.

I have not used it for at least 4 years as we moved house to a house where I had external power close by, and recently dug it out as it is taking up space.

The tank is original green and it works fine. The one thing I have noticed with modern fuel is not to leave it in engines tha are not used and I did originally have problems after the first year as I had left fuel in it which went off. So this is why I ran it out and siphoned the tank to make sure the fuel did not gum up.

I have just put a new starter string on the recoil as it was looking a bit frilly and do not want it to break on a new buyer.

This unit gives out 240v AC with a power output of 850w if I remember, It will not run a microwave or anything bigger and will just stop if you overload it. It is also two stroke and so needs a 50:! oil mix, and it is also quite noisy, though I made a sound screen out of some things to alleviate this.

A small generator ideal for drills and lamps etc but I woujldnot recommend buying it for camping as you will annoy fellow campers.

Can be seen running and powering something before you buy. These generators are about £120 new from machine mart in UK

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