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Breeding: welsh section A
Height: approx 10.3/11hh
Sex: gelding
Colour: grey
Date of gosling: 1st may 2003
Based: Tamworth.
Lead rein/second pony.
(Advertising on behalf of friend. I do also deal myself with this pony daily)

Skye was brought for lily a 11 year old petite for her age girl. Lily needed a confidence boost and we believed buying her a pony that she felt big on and could wrap her legs around would do the trick. Which it has. Only for sale as she has another pony she regularly competes and Skye isn't getting enough attention.

Lily does everything with Skye, turning out, bringing in, putting rugs on removing them, tacking him up, grooming, picking all his feet up, bathing him, lunging him the lot. There isn't anything that she doesn't do herself with him.
We took him to a couple local shows and done mini jumping with him. He make a cracking show pony.
Lily hacks Skye out with myself. Which Skye really enjoys being hacked. At first due to Lily's confidence I lead him off my own horse going over the railway bridge and around the village. After a couple times lily rode on her own behind me or by the side walk and trot. Isn't fazed by traffic. So someone that wanted a pony to lead from there own he also be ideal as well as being safe enough to hack themselves in company.
In the school on the lead rein he golden. We had a novice 7 year old walking round him on and off the lead rein. I also put my fellas daughter who is just 4 on him walking around the school being lead over trotting poles and doing round the world.
Off the lead rein he doesn't do anything dangerous however he is welsh and can be stubborn. Once he put in his place he cracks on with it and doesn't do it again.
Jumping he keeps a steady pace all the way round the course the first time we did it he kept coming back to walk until lily got the better of him and made him trot/canter it. He been loose schooled over decent enough fences and does have a pop in him.
Skye is barefoot. He loads on trailers never tried lorry (once he took five minutes every other time straight on) lives in or out. Lives with gelding or mares. Can take one or all the other horses out field and be left alone and doesn't stress.
Skye manners on the ground are amazing doesn't bite kick barge etc. The kids can play around with him all day and just stands there even why they are pulling on his mane plaiting him up.
If your looking for a pony your child can do everything themselves with on the ground he your pony. Lead rein doesn't put a foot wrong. Off lead rein you just need be able put him in his place when he decides he wants to be a typical welsh I.e stand there and refuse walk forward. Once he knows he can't get away with this he backs down and doesn't do again. Why he being advertise as a lead rein or a second pony.
Skye can also be left for weeks and get on and he doesn't fizz up,hot headed etc still be the same pony you rode the last time.
Skye will come with a saddle (which was made brand new last year) bridle, and his rugs. Basically full wardrobe.
We would love him go to a home where he get lots of love and attention.
5* home only.
No loans or loans with view to buy or time wasters as this will break Lily's heart however it isn't fair to keep a pony for the sake of it when someone else can have their fun on him.
£1200Ono with full wardrobe.
Please feel free to message me for any questions. (I can pretty much answer anything myself) Or for me to pass on the owners number.
I do have videos of him being lead of my horse hacking, hacking round the village, mini jumping and popping a fence which I can send on require.

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Private Advert
Welsh A
103 hh
Current Age
14 years