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closing down my fluval Vicenza 260ltr bow fronted tank, everything must go, will sell items separately. I am hoping to sell all fish first as I know selling it all in one go is difficult, so if you are interested in the tank then it can be brought as a running tank with all fish and items needed or as an empty tank when fish have gone.message me about any item for price, I will try to list everything but there's a lot.
Fish for sale are: breeding pair of golden severums first around 5-6 inch's, second 6-7 inch's long. 2 x leopard bush fish around 4.5 inch's long. 1 x sailfin pleco around 11 inch's long. 2 x spotted silver dollars both around 4 inch's long. 1 x ellioti cichlid around 3 to 4 inch's long. 2 x featherfin catfish both around 7 inch's long. 1 x armoured birchir around 8 inch's long. 1 x African butterfly fish around 3.5 inch's long.
other items for sale are:
.API master test kit
.small fluval internal filter
.medium fluval internal filter
.large fluval internal filter
.syphon kit
.interpet colour changing led light kits, 1 x 300mm 1 strip, 1 x 200mm 3 strip.
.various nets
.cleaning equipment including 25ltr water container.
.various ornaments
.Ciano Nexus 25 LED Aquarium Light 22 Litres Tank White, brought this as breeding tank, was only running for a week as lost all fry comes complete with own heater, filter and lights

main tank consists of:
fluval 306 external filter
fluval Vicenza 260 ltr bow fronted tank with oak cabinet
small air pump
lots of rocks and ornaments.

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13 months