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We are looking for someone that would essentially like to loan our dog.
Due to certain circumstances we are unable to keep our dog for the foreseeable future, however we don't want to just ditch him.

There are criteria to this advert that if you do not meet then please do not respond.

1. We would like to still be able to see him, maybe when things calm down have him one weekend a month.
2. He must not move further than 20 miles of Milton Keynes.
3. Ownership will not be transferred as we are not selling him.
4. He must not go to a home where there is not someone home the majority of the time (e.g. everyone is at work)

This is a hard time for my family, he is my daughter's best friend however for his own sake I am looking for someone that can give him a better home than we can for the time being.

There will be a trial period of 1 month where both parties can decide whether it is working for them or not. A contract will be drafted.

About the dog. He is very energetic, needs about 3-4 hours worth of exercise a day. If this does not get met and is left alone for too long, he will start to chew and destroy the house. He would suit a working environment, something to keep his brain busy as physical exercise isn't enough to wear him out. He is a very big dog so please bear that in mind. Loves to play, fetch, swim and bound around, good with other animals and is extremely well behaved, we barely ever use a lead.

If you have any other questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Private Advert
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19 months
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