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Marine tank with sump setup
Aqua Medic Anthias 120 (112 Gallons approx 509 Liters) for sale.
This is a large marine tank in very good condition. It is complete and up and running and ideally I would prefer to sell it as a going concern, if there is no interest then I may split at some point. Only selling as wife is now disabled and with me working and looking after her I just dont get the time to spend on it that I need to. You will need at least 3 very strong people to lift the tank and the tank and stand will have to be separated to be moved. You will need a van to move it, very unlikely to fit in any car and definitely not in one go.
This tank has a wier and sump as well as a 20/30 litre automatic top up tank which we added to it. Comes with twin metal halide lights as well as a full strip LED light as well. Reef 1000: under tank filtration system with Turboflotor 3000 motor driven protein skimmer. Overall dimensions: 136 x 68 x 142,5 cm (53” x 27” x 56”). 2 x heaters in sump. One Tnuz Powerhead will come with the tank. There are a couple of return pumps with it, currently using a DC pump (about 4000L I think) as its much quieter but also comes with a pump which was about a 6000L (ish) pump which was about £130.
There is a shed load of live rock which comes with the tank, no idea of how much but alone it was multiple hundreds of pounds, no idea on weight as some come out of our old smaller tank and loads have been purchased bit by bit over the months. Comes with some salt in a large bucket a little under half full from memory (25KG so about 10-12KG left)
Live stock will include:
1 x medium large purple tang
1 x foxface medium
1 x midas blenny large
1 x brown (blue eyed) tang
1 x very healthy fat manderin (feeds very well)
1 x long nosed hawkfish medium
1 x large bi-colour dwarf angel
1 x jade wrasse medium
1 x clown small
1 x sand sifting seastar
A few crabs and a turbo snail if still there
All tank mates are happy together and sit well together. If full asking price is paid then I will throw in 2 x Hydor wavemaker systems and the 4 powerheads for them as well, these are currently for sale separately but the powerheads areshown in the pictures. As I said, many additional extras will come with it, like the top up system, top up tank, LED strip light in sump, including foods, many Red Sea test kits which have loads left, way too much to list.
Asking just £800, the tank cost over +£2000 plus around £400-£500 of rock, plus live stock, plus test kits, heaters, extra pumps, wavemakers etc etc and the purple tang alone is around £175 so please bear that in mind. If I split this I will get a shed load more,

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