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This is Lilo! She’s a 1 year old American Bulldog cross staff. She’s extremely boisterous and will need a lot of training! This is heartbreaking for us and the only reason we’re re homing is because we’ve just had a baby who she is amazing with but too energetic around! We are in the middle of training, but fear something could go wrong beforehand as we’ve already had a couple of near misses! She gets on well with most other dogs, never bitten but will have a growl and snarl if they growl at her first! She’s really strong so will need someone with a lot of patience! She LOVES people and will cuddle up on the couch with you but does get giddy at playtimes and can nip but I’m sure with better time and training she will easily get out of this! She’s a bit scared of some men (some she can be fine with!) so may need a few visits for her to trust you. No idea why this is, it’s just something that she’s picked up! Asking for £300 as we don’t want her being used for bait or anything due to her breed! Lovely girl, no time wasters as this is hard enough for us as it is! Anymore questions, feel free to ask!

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