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Hi All,

Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya (A.V.V.) is a Divine (Ishwariya) family, whose aim is to establish a new world filled with the feeling of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam’ (the world itself is our family) through the Divine knowledge and easy Raja Yoga that the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva is teaching.
This family, which began with a membership of approximately ten people, has now a membership of more than 25,000 people from around the world. The word ‘Adhyatmik’ is made of two words: ‘adhi’ and ‘aatmik’. ‘Adhi’ means ‘inside’ and ‘aatmik’ means ‘spirit, soul or consciousness’, whose reality is being narrated by the Trikaaldarshi Supreme Father Shiva Himself at Mount Abu through the mouth of Brahma. ‘Vishwavidyalaya’ means, this is such a school that is open for all the human souls of the world. This is why its name is ‘Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya’ (Spiritual University). With the awareness of the soul, the members of this University transcend the barriers of caste, creed, gender, status, language and religion and cooperate in the establishment of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam in practice. This is the only University where one can realize his true self and through this he can make himself powerful and free from vices. Here, students are offered the seven days course of the Divine knowledge and easy Raja Yoga free of cost and during the bhatti of knowledge and yoga, no fee is taken from them for their lodging, food and drink.
The members of this Divine family are spiritual social workers. They perform ‘spiritual service’, meaning the service of the spirit, which is an invisible force in the form of an extremely subtle point of light that operates the human body. In spite of numerous attempts made in the entire world [to reform it], sins, atrocities, adultery, sorrow and restlessness are just increasing at a global and individual level, because human beings have completely forgotten spirituality. The A.V.V. aims to eradicate this sorrow, pain and restlessness through its spiritual social workers and bring about peace and prosperity in the world. For this, it gives an easy method: we should shift our mind and intellect from the external, materialistic world and stabilize it in the internal, spiritual (soul) consciousness. Through this we can attain divinity by having an eternal experience of our original nature i.e. purity, happiness, peace and joy.

Knowledge :
The very source of our knowledge is the ‘Gyaan Murlis’, which contains the entire secret of the following subjects. These subjects are explained through the seven days course:
1) Who am I and where have I come from?
2) Who is my Father, where does He live and when does He incarnate in this world?
3) What are the three main tasks of the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva and through whom and how is He carrying out those three tasks at present?
4) What is the actual history and geography of the world? How is this world a stage? How are we souls actors? How are actors born and what is the beginning, middle and end (past, present, future) of the Creator of the world and His creation?
5) What is the actual aim of our life? How will the coming new world be? When, how and through whose guidance will the new world arrive? How do we transform ourselves and the world from old (degraded, meaning sorrow-giving) to new (pure, meaning happy)?
6) What is the secret of this human tree like world and who is its Living Seed? How and when was the foundation of the emergence of the different religions laid? Who are the ancestors of the entire human world?
7) How we, the souls were originally pure, divine and joy-giving, then how we became impure, immoral, restless, sorrow-giving and then how and when will we attain our original form again?

Yoga :
Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. The very meaning of it is to create a link of love and relationship of the soul with the Supreme Soul. This is an internal journey of the mind and intellect in which we first realize ourselves and then we are connected to the Supreme Father Supreme Soul and then after recharging the battery like soul with the Powerhouse like Supreme Soul, we spread powerful vibrations in the entire world. The main method of Yoga is to focus the pure thoughts of our mind on the One Supreme Father Supreme Soul, through which peace and willpower increases in the soul naturally, meaning the personality becomes joy-giving.

About Me :
I stay in Birmingham and doing my duty of spiritual service for soul brothers and sisters with Rajyog meditation course with the answers for the questions mentioned in Knowledge section. There are immense benefits of Rajyoga and most important is the inner peace which will bring everything with it.
Rajyog Course is free for all and it is given in 5-6 lessons (1 hour each day max) at home if you in nearby or via online as per availability. Anyone from age 10+ can understand and practice it.

Hence, please get in touch if you are interested.

Welcome to the new world :)

Piyush Sharma

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