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I purchased Freya(princess), as a yearling. I've been around horses most of my life and I've yet to come across a more laid back youngster. She is currently 14hh at the wither and 14.1 at her rump. She's gone up slightly more than an inch in the year. She is 2 this month.
So far she has travelled 3 hours to get to me, and wasn't even warm on arrival.
She is good with the farrier, and has seen the dentist with no problem.
She will stand to have her legs hosed (we had a v muddy winter).
She has worn a bridle and bit with no issue.
She has been led along the road in company and was not worried , even by landrovers with rattley trailers.
She is used to being rugged.
She has worn a saddle
She has been leaned over, and had no issue, likewise not bothered by someone standing on the top of the mounting block up above her.
Is accustomed to a dually headcollar, and is learning to work from the ground.
I've tried to put "scary" stuff in front of her unexpectedly, she doesn't blink at them.
Having said all that, she isn't a donkey. Forward going in walk when being led.
Sounds mad, but she wasn't bothered by a fire we had in the field, just inquisitive.
Extremely well marked, will qualify for CHAPS registration.
Very pretty neat little head.
Don't have her breeding, but I would say she will be a solid, medium weight cob ,of over 15.hh.

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14 hh
Current Age
2 years